Toddler Fingerprints In The Frosting


Just got done processing these pics from the mini-birthday celebration we had for my mom right before I left for Blogher. I figured they deserved a post of their own. Her birthday was earlier in the month, and I’d just planned to have the kids give her her gift when she got here to watch […]

Today, He Is 3.

Credit Regetis Photography

Yesterday, he was born. Today, he is 3. Tomorrow, he will be 13, and no longer whisper to me as his eyelids get heavy in the dark of his room, “Mommy, stay. I just want to snuggle with you.” He won’t ask, “Mommy? Are you a princess?” when he sees me try on a new […]

Spinning My Wheels To Start My 30s


Howdy! Let me first just apologize for all the issues around here lately. My blog was crashing every time I put up a new post because of the traffic. Sort of a good problem to have, I guess, but an annoying one, nonetheless. So the super sweet Blogarista has been helping me switch it over […]

Jump Around, Jump Around!


I began planning Kendall’s 2nd birthday party a couple months ago when he learned the word “house.” Not as in the “house” we live in, but like BOUNCE “house.” He begs me to go to the “house” every day. I’ve been taking him to a local Pump It Up Jr. almost every week since last […]