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Almost Forgot! He’s Turning 2

Lowell turns 2 tomorrow. If that surprises you, know that it surprises me more. So much so that I…. didn’t even see itView full post »


34 And Snow Boots

I bought my first pair of snow boots ever last month, right after we booked a cabin in Tahoe. Because Tahoe and snow boots, right? IfView full post »


Toddler Fingerprints In The Frosting

Just got done processing these pics from the mini-birthday celebration we had for my mom right before I left for Blogher. I figured theyView full post »


Today, He Is 3.

Yesterday, he was born. Credit Regetis Photography Today, he is 3. Tomorrow, he will be 13, and noView full post »


Spinning My Wheels To Start My 30s

Howdy! Let me first just apologize for all the issues around here lately. My blog was crashing every time I put up a new post because ofView full post »


Jump Around, Jump Around!

I began planning Kendall’s 2nd birthday party a couple months ago when he learned the word “house.” Not as in theView full post »


Is this age related? Or are clothes actually terrible right now?

So… I turned 29 over the weekend. I still can’t believe it. One year left of my twenties, that’s it! I spent a littleView full post »