Flying Is Like Giving Birth


I’ve been flying a lot lately – some pretty turbulent flights. It’s been swell for my anxiety. Really. On a flight out to San Francisco last weekend, there was a particularly rough 15 minutes at the beginning of the flight that I thought the plane might start rolling. I was quite positive I was going […]

Days Like This


Days like this… they happen. Days when I just can’t seem to find the energy to put my wheels in motion. Or rather, to get any traction with my wheels. I’m kind of an expert at spinning them while staying in one place. Do you ever feel like you just don’t know where to start? […]

The Anxious Inconvenience


Next year I won’t have him all to myself, except on the weekends and the holidays on a public school calendar. It’s a fact that use to, frankly, elate me. FREE CHILDCARE ALL WEEK! Until it got closer to reality. This year, I intended to put him in pre-k 4 days a week, Monday through […]



Sometimes I shudder when I recall how completely paralyzed I was by anxiety. How it ruled the way I mothered… how it threatened to rule the way I loved. And then, days like today, I smile to think how much I’ve kicked it in the ass since last fall. Because the me last fall would […]