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The Only Thing Preventing You From Being The Parent You Want To Be

“Are you the parent you want to be? If not, what’s stopping you?” I asked that on my Facebook page yesterday, andView full post »


Am I Psychic? On Wanting To Predict The New Year (And Anxiety, Of Course)

In the fall of 2013, when Lowell was 8 weeks old, I had a moment that made me wonder if I’m actually some kind ofView full post »


I Want To Be Strong- On Body Image After Anxiety

Fighting to get stronger, mentally and physically, and silencing that voice in my head that longs for a skinny, ill body.View full post »


I Regret Not Sleep Training My Baby

I regret letting my anxiety and the fear of judgement from others stop me from sleep training my baby.View full post »


Flying Is Like Giving Birth

I’ve been flying a lot lately – some pretty turbulent flights. It’s been swell for my anxiety. Really. On a flight out toView full post »


Days Like This

Days like this… they happen. Days when I just can’t seem to find the energy to put my wheels in motion. OrView full post »


The Anxious Inconvenience

Next year I won’t have him all to myself, except on the weekends and the holidays on a public school calendar. It’s a fact thatView full post »



Sometimes I shudder when I recall how completely paralyzed I was by anxiety. How it ruled the way I mothered… how it threatened toView full post »


Be The One To Make Others Smile- Blogher & Life Advice

From the moment I landed in NYC in August 2010, I was eternally grateful that I would “know” (in that we’d exchangedView full post »


Do I Make You Nervous?

I find when I’m out with Kendall and he’s playing with other kids his age, I always seem to be the mom who’s jumpy.View full post »


This Much I Know- On Anxiety And Organization (and also a giveaway)

Something has changed in the last month. Well, lots of somethings, actually. The sun is shining, it’s warm, the house is full ofView full post »


Eco-Unfriendly Confession

Y’all, I love me the planet, and I try to be kind to her. Obviously,  we cloth diaper. We compost. In general, we try to avoidView full post »


What I Want From 31

I turned 31 yesterday. Wow. That’s very strange to type. I’m THIRTY plus ONE. Really? Because I swear I just turned 22, and IView full post »


You know what I’m not looking forward to?

I really haven’t thought much about what life will *really* be like with another newborn in the house. I mean, I’ve fantasized,View full post »