With Love

For my May sponsors! I’m so lucky to be supported by all these great companies and blogs. Please check them out if you get a chance. Olive Bungalow Jewelry – handcrafted, made responsibly and ethically in the USA, and she has something at all price points. I love these Simple Stampings Sterling Rings, which start […]

April Sponsor Love Fest

Kissy kiss, smoochy smooch to all my sponsors this month! Just know you helped me throw a pretty awesome birthday party for one spoiled 4 year old. Passionfruit Ads They’re the only way I sell ads now. My life as a monetized blogger is one billion times easier, and I think the people who buy ad […]

February Sponsor Love

February flew by! I mean, even with that extra day thrown in there, it was just like, BLAM, done. I’m actually pretty sure I’m going to wake up in about 3 months to find I’m suddenly 52. Anyway, let’s hear it for the February sponsors! Blogs: Noodle Knobs It’s funny! And it’s eye candy! It’s like […]

Crap! It’s February? Sponsor Shout Outs & Other Unfinished Biz

Well heck, it’s February already and I still haven’t shown my love for all the folks who supported me by putting an ad in my sidebar in January. WHERE ARE MY MANNERS? Let’s remedy this right now. Huge thanks to: Olive Bungalow - She’s back with an even bigger ad, even more support for me, and […]