Top 10 Reasons My Infant Is Not Sleeping copy

10. His hands are fascinating. 9. He is actually a honey badger. 8. He's trying to figure out … [Continue reading...]

For Me, I Guess It’s Always A Matter Of Time- Postpartum Anxiety


2 pills. Lexapro this time, not Zoloft. The anxiety is back, and I'm dealing with it. I have the … [Continue reading...]

All About Bullies, According To A 5 Year Old


Kendall informed me he's going to be an author last night. "Because I can read and write. About a … [Continue reading...]

3rd Baby Wisdom

3rd Baby Wisdom

A friend recently asked me, "What have you learned now that you have 3 kids?" He and his wife are … [Continue reading...]

Taming Hyenas With Compost Smoothies


When my kids get home from school, it's like, stop. SHHHH. Don't. open.  your. mouth. Not before … [Continue reading...]

Denver! Got Dirty Cloth Diapers? Come Change Them!


In How-Is-This-My-Life news, I am going to be the official Guinness World Records Witness for the … [Continue reading...]

Your Mouth Is Not An ATM


 Canon 6D & Sigma 35 1.4 lens, 160 SS,  f/5.0, ISO 3200 Kendall: "Hey mom, look… I lost my … [Continue reading...]