Why “Baby Rabies”?

First, whoa. The last week has been crazy fun. My “What (Not) To Say To A Pregnant Woman” video has officially gone viral (amassing over 1.4 million views so far on Facebook), and has been shared by The Today Show, US Weekly, Refinery 29 and so many more places. I’ve got a lot of new readers and followers, which is so rad. What typically happens after a bunch of new peopleView full post »

Crazy Things That Make Pregnant Women Cry

Earlier this summer, back in my lat 1st tri when my hormones were surging and my food aversions were on blast, I asked my Facebook page what were some of the craziest things they’ve ever cried over while pregnant, mostly looking for solidarity because I was an emotional nightmare. At the time, my husband had committed many crimes against pregnant hormones, including coming home with aView full post »

Tomorrow Is Just The Beginning Of The Next 3 Months, OMG

There were a few weeks when I felt like, “Okay, this is the 2nd tri bliss. This is the time to get shit done. You got this. You can handle this.” And I guess I was thinking it would stick around a bit longer, because I didn’t take advantage of it nearly enough. Many regrets. Much messy house. Gradually, my body started to revolt. First, it was like, “Oh, it is…View full post »

What (Not) To Say To A Pregnant Woman

The guy walked up to me with a look of importance, like whatever he was going to say or ask had been thought out. “When are you due?” It was nearly a demand. I mean, I don’t mind sharing my due date, but people aren’t entitled to it, you know? “Mid December,” I replied quickly and turned around. Then, with a tone of superiority, and certainly pleasure that heView full post »

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