Happy Not Memorial Day!

I called Scott from the car this morning. I broke free from the house for just a bit, planned to get myself some lunch and run a few errands while he played video games with the kids. “Hey! Are you sure Kendall didn’t have school today?” “Well, why would he have school on Memorial Day? They’ve never had school on Memorial Day.” “I don’t know. IView full post »

Take Summer Photos From Snapshot To Frame-Worthy

Summer is almost here! This is a post I wrote last summer, but I am dusting it off and made a video to go with it because summer is my favorite time of year to take pictures. Watch the video below for 5 tips for great summer photos…. Then click through to last year’s post to see what my 6th tip was, especially those of you with access to photo editing programs.  View full post »

Body Positivity & Positively Inspiring Friends

You know that feeling you get when something so incredible happens for your friend? Like 100% genuine joy bubbling up anytime you talk to them because WOW you are beyond happy for them and proud of them? If you don’t know this feeling, I’m sorry. It’s one of the very best. The people in my life who accomplish fantastic things push me to be a better person daily. I highlyView full post »

My St. Jude Moment

When I first arrived at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital a couple weeks ago, I heard a few employees talking about their “St. Jude Moment” and how they were excited for us to have our “St. Jude Moment.” The best I could guess was it would be this magical moment that would brand itself on my heart like a hot iron. I figured it would happen quickly. This place,View full post »

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