2015 Cotton Babies Gift Guide- Supporting Those Who Support Me

This time of year has evolved for me as I’ve gotten older. I take stock more, thank more, and I buy…. less. What I do buy, well, I try to support small and independent shops as much as I can. I’ve done the thing where I buy the super clearance deals from the big boxes and we end up with piles of (cheap) toys under the tree that I wind up donating (or trashing the ones thatView full post »

Baby Fever Doesn’t Make You THIS Crazy- pod-ioBook, episode 3

This is it! The beginning of the infection. The onset of Baby Rabies. If you think I sound crazy, you’re right. I totally was. And this one is dedicated to all the ladies I met on thebump.com Babies On The Brain message board. Can you believe I’m friends with many of them still? xoxox to you gals. A couple technical notes- I am hearing from some of you that you are having issuesView full post »

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