I Hate Everything About You

“Hate” is a hot word around here lately. Kendall hates Lowell. Lowell hates Kendall. Lowell hates me when I say he can’t have any more Jolly Ranchers. Leyna hates going up the stairs AGAIN to put stuff away. They all hate cleaning their messes. Kendall hates Scott for taking away his XBox when he doesn’t behave. Nobody hates Wallace, though. Not yet. I mean, it’s notView full post »

Target Is About To Make Your Life EVEN BETTER- A Peek Inside Their New Store Design

I rarely make it to local influencer events because I live in the burbs, and I have 4 kids, and it can be hard for me to find time to brush my hair most days. But something about an invite to come check out and shop at a newly redesigned Target screamed, “OMG your readers are going to want to see this and you get a free shopping trip out of it, childfree, on a Saturday!” So I madeView full post »

An Actual Doll

Let me tell y’all about this almost-6-month-0ld, leading with the obvious WTF HE’S ALMOST 6 MONTHS OLD. This one has gone by the fastest, and that’s a damn shame because he’s so delightful. The first 8 weeks of my colicky first-born’s life took longer than this. I’ve had progressively easier babies, so now that we’re on #4, we’ve managed to createView full post »

Playgroup Week #16: Summer Parenting Tips

Playgroup Week #16: Summer Parenting Tips

Are your kids out of school and home for summer break yet? Most kids are already out around here, but friends in the north might still have a couple weeks to go. Either way, we’re all starting to transition into that territory of summer parenting. Your schedule changes, you’re either way MORE busy or way LESS busy, but it definitely requires a different mindset than the rest of theView full post »

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