Talk About Postpartum Anxiety, Then Talk Some More

“Ugh. She’s blogging about that again?!” I don’t know, sometimes I worry that this is the reaction I’ll get when I write about postpartum and perinatal anxiety on here. I worry for a second, and then I remember how many women have reached out to me since 2011 to say that they had no idea they were dealing with this until they read what I wrote. I would say, onView full post »

Milk Made My Daughter Eat Sand {contributor}

If you’ve been around here for a while, you probably remember how I craved rocks and sand while pregnant with my last two babies. In fact, my daughter Leyna’s middle name- Lorelei- is also the name of a large rock on the Rhine river in Germany, and that was totally intentional. After reading this piece Julie Forbes wrote for us today, I wonder if cutting back my dairy while pregnantView full post »

There Are Things More Heartbreaking Than Sleep Training A Baby

“Don’t let your baby cry themselves to sleep! They are only little for so long. It doesn’t matter what this study says. This is heartbreaking! Don’t be lazy! Just go to them!”  That sums up quite a few reactions I saw across social media, even in my personal news feed after a study was released in May of this year that concluded that it’s actually fine to letView full post »

Welcome To The 2nd Whine-Mester

I know people are like, “Write more about your pregnancy!” But I really don’t have anything witty or insightful to put here. I just. I hate it. I hate being pregnant. And that’s an annoying thing for people to hear over and over and over and over again. Right? It is. I’m nearly 15 weeks. The first trimester is gone. The nausea is also mostly gone. BUT! The reflux isView full post »

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