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The Definition Of Baby Rabies

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This is what happens when Baby Fever becomes something more. Jill writes honestly and a little too openly about pregnancy, parenthood, and all the moments in life that she has to laugh at or she just might cry into a bottle of wine. Baby Rabies… it’s more than a fever.

Now, The Rest Of The Story…

I’m Jill, and this is my space. I’m married to a guy I actually kinda stalked in college (really). He’s amazing and was totally worth the restraining order hunt. His name is Scott. And yes, he almost always wears that hat.

We met at the University of Missouri, where I also snagged my Bachelor of Journalism degree for Broadcast Journalism. We got married in Texas, where we were surrounded by our closest friends, family and beer-toting donkeys. True story.

Our first baby, Kendall, came screaming into our world in May of ’08. He is now 7, and my personal gift from Karma herself. He is the beginning of the end of my perfect-parenthood streak, which started long before I became a mother.

Thank goodness for that because I imagine being a perfect parent is really boring.

In December ’10 we welcomed our 2nd baby, first little girl, Leyna Lorelei. Her middle name is after a rock on the Rhine River. It’s significant because I literally ate rocks when I was pregnant with her.

Photo Credit BluDoor Studios

That’s a throwback pic that I can’t bring myself to take down because doesn’t that just make you smile? I make really chubby babies. It’s like a superpower.

Now she’s almost 5, and she’s a prissy Tomboy with a killer smirk. She adores her brothers and all things Hello Kitty. And Minecraft. And Zombies.


On July 30, 2013, we added our 3rd baby, Lowell. He’s 2 now, and the family jokester.


His joy and smile make it hard to get mad at him for all the curious mischief he gets himself in. #LoLoYOLO (We call him LoLo- a nickname given by his big sister.)


Despite the daily trials of parenthood that drive us to drink, we are incredibly fortunate, unbelievably blessed, and so happy to be living some kind of fairytale.

IMG_9766_edited-1I hope you like what you read here; that it makes you smile, laugh, snort, feel better about your own life. I hope it inspires you, and I hope you chime in and inspire me. That’s what I love most about this space: the opportunity to connect with people who make me feel normal and people who make me want to be better.


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