This is what happens when baby fever┬ábecomes something more. Jill Krause self diagnosed herself with baby rabies (it’s not an actual contagious disease, FYI) in the summer of 2007 when she became obsessed with getting pregnant. Learn more about the definition of baby rabies here. She started blogging about all things trying-to-conceive then. 10 years and 4 babies later, Baby Rabies is now a internationally recognized pregnancy and parenting blog.

Baby Rabies has been recognized by Time, Vogue, The Bump, Buzzfeed, and won an Iris Award for Personal Blog of the Year in 2016. Krause has appeared on CNN, Huffington Post Live, and Texas Living, and has been published on Huffington Post and Her work has also been featured on Daily Mail, US Weekly, and Refinery 29, in addition to many other outlets.

Krause has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri where she focused on broadcast journalism and reported for the local NBC affiliate KOMU. Before becoming a full-time blogger, she also held jobs in marketing, fundraising, and public relations.

She currently lives in the ‘burbs of Dallas, TX with her husband Scott and their 4 kids- Kendall (boy, 9), Leyna (girl, 6), Lowell (boy, 4), and Wallace (boy, infant). They won’t be there for long, though. They are selling their house and moving into an RV to travel the country. They are documenting that journey at

Photo by Kelly White Photography

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