In May and June of 2010 something magical and inspiring happened on this blog. What started out as my simple mission to raise $1,000 for a family whose baby boy was battling Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma, turned into the most generous outpouring of love and support this blog has ever had the pleasure to experience. Baby Rabies readers came together, and in 3 short weeks, blew my original $1,000 goal out of the water by raising over $9,400 for Baby Sam and the Sartin family.

It started with this post.

You can read more posts about Sam and the fundraiser as it progressed hereherehere (which includes a MUST SEE thank you video), and here.

You can still donate money to the Sartin family for Sam as he continues his battle. Just click on the “donate” button below. To keep up with Sam’s journey, check out the Sartin’s blog –

The following amazing and generous companies came together to donate their products and services in exchange for donations to the #helpSam fundraising PayPal account.

Featured Sponsor- Modern Bird Studios– 12x 24 custom piece of art ($280 value, US only)

Lisa Leonard Designs- $100 credit for custom jewelry (anywhere)
Blogs By Mandy– one blog design ($60, anywhere)
Moby Wrap– one Moby Wrap and coordinating acccessories set ($50+, US only)
The Vintage Chain – $50 credit for handstamped jewelry (anywhere)
Mabel’s Labels – LOL Essentials Combo Pack ($48, US & Canada)
YouGotScents– Scentsy Full Size System ($40, US only)
Delovely Designs– custom birthday party or baby shower invitation design (design only, not printing, anywhere, $30)
Dr. Greene- Autographed copies of Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green (2 separate prizes, priceless, US & Canada)
Maureen Lipinski– Autographed copies of A Bump in the Road and Not Ready For Mom Jeans (2 separate prizes, priceless, US & Canada)
Baby Teresa– one 100% cotton onesie ($35, anywhere)
Crunchy Clean– 1 green cleaning kit, 1 bag of laundry detergent, 1 bag of diaper detergent (1 prize, $30+, US only)
BoogaBoo Boutique– Full size and matching travel size fabric covered wipes case ($25, US only)
No Time For Flashcards– 2 Alphabet Crafts eBooks (2 prizes, $8 each, anywhere)

Added 5/24

Ju-Ju-Be – 2 Mighty Be bags (2 prizes, $48, US only)
Kids Fly Safe – CARES Child Aviation Restraint System ($75, US only)
KidsCraft – 1 Shuttle Imagination Play House ($70) and 1 Creation Cottage ($60) (2 prizes, US only)
Zebra Mix – 1 Deluxe Cupcake Studio Kit ($23) and 1 Organic Deluxe Flour Power Cookie Kit ($23) (2 prizes, US only)
Wild Creations – 1 EcoAquarium Classic Kit ($30) and 1 Wallace & Gromit Cracking Alarm Clock  ($35) (2 prizes, US only)
Marshmallow Fun – 1 Classic Blaster marshmallow shooter ($28) and 1 Zebra Shooter ($27) each with a bag of edible ammo (2 prizes, US only)
Sally Daner Designs – Winners choice of either Lotus Petal Shaped earrings or Crystal Teardrop earrings ($50, 1 prize, US only)
Charmed and Dangerous– One charm necklace of winner’s choice ($48, US only)
Mandy and Pandy– 1 set of 6 Mandy and Pandy books and 1 pair of Mandy and Pandy Dolls ($88, 1 prize, US only)
Fair Indigo– 1 organic Toddler Jiffy Sweater and matching organic Jiffy the Giraffe doll ($74, 1 prize, US only)
Nookie Scooter– $25 credit toward anything in the store (US only)

Added 5/26

Kids Preferred – $200 basket of plush toys (US only)
Innovative Kids – $100 worth earth friendly of books, puzzles and games (US only)
Alphabotz – 2 sets of Superphonic Decoder Cards ($20, 2 prizes, US only)

Added 5/29

Rachel Devine Photography – 5 copies of a full set of Photoshop actions and presets “The Whole Kit and Caboodle”  (must have CS3 or above to use it) ($170 each, 5 prizes)
Softly Sweetly – 2.5 dozen assorted specialty marshmallows ($30, US only)
Vamplets – 1 Vamplet baby plush vampyre and disappearing bottle of “blood” ($20, US only)
AJ Designs Jewelry – Jet black and sterling silver ring ($32, US only)

Added 6/8
Lia Sophia– any piece up to $100 in value (US only, only available through Irene)
Happy Girl Greetings– $50 store credit (free shipping anywhere internationally)
Sweet Adeline– $20 store credit (US only)
















  • NEW POST! We're sharing some awesome letterboard pregnancy announcements on the blog, including this one from @deidreemme! ➡️ Click the link in our bio!
  • This coloring book, designed by @ahavacreativeco to celebrate women and women's rights, is up on #Kickstarter right now! The artwork is absolutely incredible. Go to to learn more. Tag someone who would love this! 💜♀️
  • We met a family from Switzerland today. Their little girl and Wallace became fast friends, and we spent a long time talking about parenthood and travel and many other things we have in common. After a while, the dad asked me if perhaps I had an extra nappy (diaper) they could have. They are hard to come by in the limited park supply stores at #bigbendnationalpark and they were down to their last one with another night tent camping ahead of them. I went to our truck and got the two we brought with us. The dad thanked me, and then I thanked him for asking me. How wonderful that moment was on the side of a Texas mountain- to bond with people from a world away over toddlers and diapers. #agooddayinthevillage #happyloudlife
  • I'm sharing a sneak peek inside my first book, "50 Things to Do Before You Deliver: The First Time Moms Pregnancy Guide", on our Facebook page today. You can pre-order on Amazon right now- the book release date is April 3! (Link in bio!) Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered their copies. Your support means everything! ❤️ #BabyRabies50Things
  • Turned 37 today. Not mad about it. Headed to dinner with my mini me... and the rest of the crew. ❤️
  • We have nothing but love for this @deuter backpack after our first big hike in #BigBend today! This was Wallace’s first birthday gift, and I’m feeling real good about this purchase now. 😆 I’m going to link you to it in our story.
  • I celebrate every time this baby puts solid foods in his mouth because he is OBSESSED with breastfeeding, you guys. I don’t even understand how I’m sustaining this wrecker with my breast milk at this point.  I’m not interested in weaning him, but it would be nice if he would enjoy something other than my boobs sometimes.
  • Perfecting his selfie skills! 🤣 Have your little ones tried to do this? Cutest milestone! ETA: you might have a 4 year old when you don’t even notice nose picking in pictures anymore. #loloyolo