What I’m Thinking When I’m Pinning


Pins I Know Better Than To Try

I love me some Pinterest, that’s already been established. But, there are some pins… quite a few, actually, that when I see them pop up I have to laugh. NOT because I think they’re stupid ideas (okay, some pins are stupid ideas, yes, but that’s not the point of this post), but because they would […]

Pins Of The Week- Halloween Style

I haven’t done a Pin Of The Week post in a while, so I figured I’d throw a few great pins in this one. These are all Halloween inspired (since I’m still trying to forget it’s so damn hot here and dreaming of fall). We might have to make up some of these (originally from […]

Pin(s) Of The Week- Bacon Cupcakes and School Year Memories

bacon wraps

Actually made these… all by myself! They look all gourmet and tricky, right? Pinterest Via Annies-Eats.com They are not. They are delicious and simple, and everyone in this house gobbled them up. Kendall called them bacon cupcakes. If you like bacon and eggs and toast, you should make them (recipe here). We had them for […]