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Childhood Cancer ACTION and a #HelpSam Update

Last September, I read a post shared on Facebook, calling out the empty intentions behind so many “awareness” campaigns.View full post »


Help Me Send Soap To Families In Haiti!

In the days following the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, I, like so many of us, was glued to the TV and any bit of news IView full post »


How To Win At Life With The Help of Soap- SoapBox Soaps

More than 3,000 children’s lives could be saved every day with something as simple as a bar of soap and clean water. – SoapBoxView full post »


Shine The Light

Shine the light. It’s the only way to find our way out. It’s the only way to find joy again. It’s the only way to findView full post »


Even Inappropriate Elves Can Help People

The ladies from HaHas for HooHas are really… special. I love them for their humor and talent (and Jen’s madView full post »


Shop Small on Saturday

I am as guilty as it gets when it comes to getting swept up in the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve sat in lines outsideView full post »


An Update On Jamie – Mom to Newborn & Toddler, Mom Fighting Cancer

If you’ve been anxious for an update on Jamie – the mom who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer while pregnant, the momView full post »


In Austin? You’re Invited to the Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas Wine Social

It’s been almost exactly a year since I broke down and got help for what turned out to be postpartum anxiety. This time last year, IView full post »


Because She Helped Me See This Was Something I Could Beat #PostpartumAnxiety

I’m not a very religious person, but I believe in God, and I believe in God putting people in my life at times I need themView full post »


I Tied A Wish In The Wind

It started with a walk through a door… And into a garden at one end of aView full post »


The Miracle Milk Fund for Jamie, A Warrior Mother

Click Here to To Donate! For as much attention as mainstream media likes to give mothers and drama (or “mommy wars”) on theView full post »


A Warrior Mother Needs Our Help

Last night, around 3 a.m., Leyna woke. And it was one of those cries that let me know she was hungry or just plain annoyed andView full post »


Why We’re Not Keeping This Video Game Swag

I got to go to an event this week in Dallas where we talked a little about how video games affect kids, specificallyView full post »


Strong Start Day- Supporting Postpartum Progress

“Only 15% of all women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders ever receive professional treatment. This meansView full post »


Lullabies For Getty, The Sweet Sound of Support For SMA

So there is this baby and she turned one last week, and her name is Getty, and she has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1View full post »


Special Delivery In Seattle- A Tale of Donated Breastmilk

It’s a good thing I’m not a modest person. My trip through security on my way to Seattle involved lots of hollering back andView full post »


Still Blown Away (#helpSam)

Well, folks, the final emails went out this morning. I’ve officially notified everyone of their prize wins. Check your inboxes andView full post »


The Heart of Life is Good

The last three weeks have been incredible. I’ve been moved to tears by your generosity more times than I can count. What started outView full post »


#helpSam Update – SO CLOSE! Need your help!

I’m coming at you with another #helpSam update. We are 3 days out from the end of the fundraiser (June 11th), and while we’veView full post »


#helpSam update

WOW. WOW. WOW. I really don’t know what else to say. You know that $1,000 goal? Hah! Smashed that in HOURS. In fact, after I postedView full post »


Meet Baby Sam

At the beginning of April, 2010, when Sam was just 4 months old, he had surgery to remove a lump from hisView full post »


Go Team Jason!

Remember how I gave up the internet, in it’s entirety, for a whole week last year? Sure, it was a little life changing in that itView full post »


Helping Baggino Help Haiti

The devastation in Haiti is still on my mind. After making my donation to the Red Cross and following the story of theView full post »


Well, that blew (chunks)

I was SO ready for this race. Being my second marathon, I felt a sense of calm about me. It was like I could relax more, enjoy it moreView full post »


Will you give up a latte for me?

More specifically, will you give up $5 to help me support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)? I am 11 days away from the big race, myView full post »


Help! And this time it’s serious.

Scott  (my husband) and I trained for and completed the Marine Corps Marathon 4 years ago, and I think if there isView full post »