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Israel Trip, Part 2- An Afternoon With an Israeli Mother In Pictures

When the Vibe Israel team asked me what I most wanted to do in Israel, I thought for a few hours, then I knew exactly what. I wantedView full post »


My Trip To Israel, Part 1

Man, I’m overwhelmed right now. To start, my blog has been down, off and on, for over a week, thanks to some kind of hack andView full post »


The Post That Nobody Will Pin, But It Makes Me Happy

I keep making blogging harder than it should be. I miss the days I used to just… write. Long, HUGE paragraphs. I mean, I cringeView full post »


We’ve Still Got A Lot Of Fight Left- For My Fellow Warrior Moms

It’s June. It’s almost halfway through June! And I feel terrible that I’m just now writing about this, organizing, this,View full post »


When Parenting & The Internet Collide- What I’ve Learned

The internet has never not been a part of my life as a parent. Some of the first people I told I was pregnant were a bunch of womenView full post »


Why I’m Okay With Stitch Fix’s Prices, And My October Box

I got my October box of Stitch Fix clothes last week, delivered to my door step between home showings. And then I was super bummed becauseView full post »


I Need A Little Feedback And You Could Win $50

I launched a reader survey the other night. I posted the link on my FB page and have already received a tremendous amount of feedback. IfView full post »


So You Want To Be A Blogger? Here’s How To Get Rich

You tell me you think you want to start blogging, and I’m really excited for you! Blogging can make you rich, it’s true. IView full post »


Launching My YouTube Channel with the Help of bumGenius

Yesterday I unveiled the shiny new blog design, and now I show you what’s up my other sleeve. A fancy new YouTube channel! You canView full post »


Open House- Welcome To My New Space

On the first day of this year, I decided I would make things happen in 2014. Leyna had her arm in a splint after breaking it the dayView full post »


Ball Gown One Day, Clogged Breasts The Next

I spent my weekend in Atlanta at the Ritz in Buckhead. On Saturday, I visited the Dry Bar for a blowout and dressed in a long sequined gownView full post »


Give Yourself Permission To Change… And Not Pack Early

“How may of you are the parent you thought you’d be before you had kids?” That’s the question I opened with lastView full post »

2 Image Of The Year Competition

Once again, for the 2nd year in a row, I was faced with an impossible challenge. I am a judge for the Image Of TheView full post »


Things That Make Me Happy On My Birthday

It’s my birthday!  The big Three Three. I’m making Scott take me out to lunch today where I intend to drink a bloody mary andView full post »


I Think I Should Blog About My Husband More

I don’t blog very often about Scott, my husband. Largely because I always take the “Is it my story to tell?”approach withView full post »


Hang With Me, Let’s Interview An Emmy Winner

Ever heard of Sex And The City? Or Everybody Loves Raymond? What about Modern Family? Ever heard of the Emmy Awards? In what is sure to beView full post »


A Facebook Celebration and a Shutterbag Giveaway!

When I started blogging 6 years ago, I never, ever, ever thought more than a handful of people would read it. And I never intended thatView full post »


I Took A Leap- Jill Krause Photography

Remember when our government shut down? Good times. My husband works for the federal government, and he was sent home. For the first weekView full post »


A Letter To My 51 Year Old Self- A Listen To Your Mother Reading

Back in May, I had the honor of being on the 2013 Listen To Your Mother, Austin cast. I joined 13 other women and one man on a simple stageView full post »


“I Eat Sand.” “Please Tell That To America!”

I think the first time I’m on national TV, I’m going to be telling the world that I eat sand. Sometimes. Just a littleView full post »


The Busy Life Cycle- Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging. Like exercise, it’s something that always makes me feel better when I’m done,View full post »


StrollerTraffic Dallas- My New Gig

I have so much time these days. It’s getting really boring around here, what with all the laying around, eating bon-bons, growing aView full post »


Listen To Your Mother! And Come Listen To Me In Austin

I am so freaking excited to tell you all that I was selected as a cast member for this year’s Listen To Your Mother show in Austin,View full post »


What A Dad Conference Taught Me About Joy & Anxiety

So I did this thing last weekend where I went to a blog conference all about dads. It’s called Dad 2.0, and I’ve been fortunateView full post »


Shop Small on Saturday

I am as guilty as it gets when it comes to getting swept up in the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve sat in lines outsideView full post »


Blogging About Blogging: Blogher Links and Sponsor Love

Remember how I was on a panel about blogging “professionally” at Blogher this year? Well, the live-blog is available as well asView full post »


Blogher12 Photo Vomit

I was going to write a post full of words and thoughts, pictures were to be careful interspersed. It was hard to put together, but I gotView full post »


Back In Time Series: The First Post

This week, I’m running a very special series where I’m going to repost some old posts many of you may have never read before.View full post »


Think And Link Before You Share

This is a post I’ve intended to write for a long time, but every time I sit down to do it, my fingers are filled with RAGE. BecauseView full post »


Thinking Out and Improving Your Photos, Plus a $450 Clickin Moms Giveaway!

I get questions every now and then about what settings I use to take my pictures and how I make them look a certain wayView full post »


Blographer – I’ll Be The One In The Sash

So, very exciting fun news to share with all of you! I became a pageant queen over night after winning my very first title! Not really, BUTView full post »


Be The One To Make Others Smile- Blogher & Life Advice

From the moment I landed in NYC in August 2010, I was eternally grateful that I would “know” (in that we’d exchangedView full post »


Property Of The Pregnant One- Free Printable

I’m really enjoying having the ability to offer whatever amazingly cool downloads I want over on my Facebook page. It’s sortaView full post »


#InappropriateElf In July

#InappropriateElf wanted to be sure you all have a safe and happy holiday. He’s enjoying his time off, and isView full post »


June Sponsor Love

It’s that time again, when I give my blog sponsors a big virtual hug to thank them for supporting me this month. As always, I’mView full post »


I Have A Sick Day(s) Hangover

Days like this are hard to kick in the ass. I’m coming off a weekend out of town, followed by 2 days of feeling like crap thanks toView full post »