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Meet Maggie & Another Leyna

About the time Leyna was a year old, I remember reading a comment on my Facebook page from a woman named Leyna. It was the first time IView full post »


Babies Grow Fast, Yo

 Let’s talk consignment sales! This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends, a Dallas area consignment sale.  This guy is 8 weeksView full post »


A Pork Be Inspired Giveaway

The food situation in this house is a bad one, friends. We’ve basically been living off of fast food. I mean, yes, I know… IView full post »


FUNNIEST Teacher Appreciation Cards Ever

The end of the school year for us totally snuck up on me. As it does every year. So not only was I like, “Holy crap! I have toView full post »


2 is Tough When You’re Stuck In The Bluebonnets

2 is tough. You’re still just so dang adorable that your parents want lots and lots of pictures of you… But you wantView full post »


One Kid was EASY! A Mommy Truth

Kendall’s been sick this week. Not the kind of sick where he lays in a bed and sleeps all day, though. Just the kind of sick whereView full post »


Turn Your Photos Into Stories- Photobucket Stories

Sometimes we need more than just a Facebook photo album and picture captions to tell the story of an event. Sometimes we need a digitalView full post »


Live Your Life, Jessica!

So Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. An “unexpected” pregnancy, 7 months after she gave birth to her first daughter. imageView full post »


My Life the Cliche, My Friend Suzy Jenkins

I got a text from a friend who recently had a baby tonight. And then, a few hours later, I found myself feeling particularly mopey. ScottView full post »


Welcome Back, Ladies

Leyna hasn’t nursed in over 3 days. That’s not the result of a conscious decision to wean her on my part. It just happened.View full post »


Click! RSVP Here For The Twitter Party #ClickMagazine

Who’s ready to talk photography and celebrate the launch of Click Magazine?!  Join me @BabyRabies, @ClickinMoms,View full post »


Mommy Truths: Calories That Shouldn’t Count & Losing Sleep

You may have seen these on Facebook already. I’ve already uploaded them to my Facebook Page. (Do you like me over there yet? YouView full post »


My Husband TV Premier Cheated On Me

The phone rang at 9:02 last night. Scott was out of town for the night on a business trip. I figured he was calling to check in for theView full post »


10 Things Parents Should Do

1. Educate yourself- read books, read *reputable* websites, get various opinions, talk to your doctors 2. Don’t always trustView full post »


A Teacher’s Gift: Feed Projects

I always struggle with what to get the kids’ teachers at the end of the year. How do you show your appreciation for them and notView full post »


Mommy Truth: Why I Really Invite You Over

Though, be sure I won’t be shining my trashcan or sterilizing the toys for you. I already took the Playdate Pledge.View full post »


(Breast)Milk On Ice

“Hey, the ice machine isn’t working anymore. I tried several times to unjam it, but I don’t think there are any chunks ofView full post »


Mommy Truth: Don’t Judge My Productivity By My Appearance

Just because I look like a slob at 4:30 p.m. doesn’t mean I haven’t spent the day getting shit done. (And chasing kids, andView full post »


One Hole

I wouldn’t want you all to think that all I post about these days are pretty pictures and crap. So, just to remind you all of myView full post »


Pretty Things or Why I’m Not A Fashion Blogger

The first title was what I planned on using before I actually took the pictures for this post. The second is, well, obvious. Blogher isView full post »


The Tangle, A Milestone

She’s long had an obsession with twirling and rubbing and combing her chubby little fingers through hair to fall asleep. When my hairView full post »


But Seriously, WHY Are There Geckos In My Toilet?

The first time it happened, I was like, “OMG! That is so crazy! What a freak incident to pee on a gecko! I hope that NEVER happensView full post »


Being Elmo: Elmo Redeemed Himself A Bit

Last night I made myself step away from work, leave my phone behind, and park it on the couch next to Scott for some TV time. We’reView full post »


Badges Of Honor From Seasons Of Life

It occurred to me last night, as I watched Jimmy Fallon sing “Walk Of Shame” with Dave Matthews during his primetime special,View full post »


July Sponsor Love

Hi Everyone, In case you missed my review of the great new Baby Orajel Naturals teething product, you can still read it here(though theView full post »


A Horror Story About Reptiles In Toilets

Last night, right before bed, I peed on a gecko. A gecko in my toilet. A gecko I only discovered AFTER I stood up to flush because, OFView full post »


Pre-Kid Problems

Remember all those problems we had before we had kids?  Totally inspired by the First World Problems meme What were some of yourView full post »


What To Get That Kid Of The Parents You Hate THE MOST

Step aside, finger paints. Your time is up, drum set. There is a new guy in town, and he’s the most passive AGGRESSIVE of all theView full post »


Another Ordinary Day In Our Life In Pictures

Yesterday I documented an ordinary day in our life by taking a picture every hour, from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Here’s how it unfolded. AtView full post »


Mommy Truth: Those Moments That Scream MOM

I love hijacking Facebook status updates and turning them into Mommy Truths. Thanks to my friend Megan from Larks Notes This for lettingView full post »


Best Fathers Day Card, Hands Down

Via my friends at HaHas for HooHas The amazingly talented Anna took this picture, this picture, and this picture and turned them into thisView full post »


Mommy Truth: It’s Easy To Parent After Bedtime

… on nights the kids sleep. After that? All bets are off. Thanks to Stephanie from Froggy And The Mouse for this one! If you have aView full post »


Mommy Truth: We’re Evil For Breaking Bananas

Leyna is 17 months old and this also applies to oranges, tortillas, cheese sticks, and all other inanimate, food objects in ourView full post »


Mommy Truth: A Toddler’s Sixth Sense

Leyna is nearly 17 months old, and I really wish she’d quit creeping me out like this when my husband isn’t home.View full post »


Leftover Coffee + Coffee Ice Cubes = Easiest Iced Coffee Ever

I saw a pin come across Pinterest a couple weeks ago, and it was a simple, genius “why didn’t I think of that!”View full post »