Leyna’s 3 Year & 1 Month Birthday Party


We did this when she turned one. We celebrated when she was 1 year and 1 month old because her birthday is December 28th. And a party that time of year (for anyone other than the people who are already waking up in our house) is just not going to happen. Although, we certainly don’t […]

Back In Time Series: Christmas Songs Are Condescending

This was only just last Christmas, so some of you may remember it, but it’s one of those stories that gets much funnier with age. I imagine I’ll tell it to my children and grandchildren for years to come. Christmas Songs Are Condescending Alternatively titled: A Scene From My Life, A Holiday Comedy, Coming To […]

Samurai Kid’s Birthday Party

Kendall Samurai Party Invitation

I had grand ideas of throwing Kendall a baseball 4th birthday since his obsession with the sport began last summer, but somewhere around January he was introduced to Power Rangers via the magical powers of Netflix. Okay, first, I’m just going to answer the question you’re all asking. YES, Power Rangers are alive and well, […]

Mommy Truth: Really Kid? Hungry AGAIN?


Not that I’d ACTUALLY harm any goats… just that it makes me WANT to. My nearly 4 ¬†year old NEVER. STOPS. EATING. Like my Mommy Truths? Did you know you can put one on your Facebook timeline cover? Just go here to download it.