A Half Decade Celebration Done Right With The Frisco RoughRiders


The Frisco RoughRiders baseball team provided a birthday party for Kendall in exchange for this post. All pictures and opinions are my own… and so are all the memories I get to keep. That’s pretty much the best part of all of this. This is where we got to celebrate Kendall’s 5th birthday. Pretty amazing, […]

I’m Not Alright With The Growing Up Thing


Omg. Showed up to K’s pre K recital and they are showing cap and gown pics while “it won’t be like this for long” plays. This is an AMBUSH! — Jill Krause (@babyrabies) April 25, 2013 Prior to entering the room, it never occurred to me that Kendall’s pre K recital was going to make […]

2 is Tough When You’re Stuck In The Bluebonnets


2 is tough. You’re still just so dang adorable that your parents want lots and lots of pictures of you… But you want snacks… And you want a nap… And you hate these shoes… And you hate the grass touching you… It doesn’t help that your big brother is turning on the charm… Doesn’t he […]

Preparing For Goodbye- A Dog Story


I cradled his head as he rested it atop my growing belly, smooshing both slobbery cheeks together. I reached down and gave him a kiss on the lips. This wasn’t an uncommon show of affection for my dog at the time. I was 26. He was 5. He was my “baby.” My 180 lb baby. […]