Slice Of Perfect In Our Messy Reality- A Photography Challenge


“How do you keep your house so clean?” I get this a lot, which is highly laughable. While I would say we have managed to keep ourselves from reaching hoarder status (except for the months directly following having a baby), we certainly don’t live in a pristine house, or a house as clean as many […]

Taming Hyenas With Compost Smoothies


When my kids get home from school, it’s like, stop. SHHHH. Don’t. open. ¬†your. mouth. Not before I can shove some food in it. Because, holy crackers, the after school whiiinnnnnneee is intense. We walk in the door and straight to the kitchen. I’m rummaging through the pantry, throwing bars and fruit snacks at them […]

A Spring Break Epiphany & The Turducken of Alcohol


Oh hey there! I’m back from a little break I didn’t intend on taking. Technically, it was spring break here last week. We didn’t have anything big planned. I thought I’d blog a little. Obviously I grossly miscalculated what a butt-kicking 3 kids full time without Scott here would be. His work trips are always […]

She Grows With Glitter


The first thing the hairstylist asked her was, “Do you want glitter in your hair?” OF COURSE she did. The minor issue was the hairstylist meant AFTER she finished. So Leyna spent the whole 15 minutes it took for her very first real haircut asking, “Where’s da gwitter? Is it puhpul? I wike puhpul! Is […]