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Stop It, Summer

I got a catalog selling “Back To School” clothes and backpacks yesterday. And then I went to Target and scored 70% off a newView full post »


Tips For A Disney Experience Beyond Princesses

I started to title this Magic Kingdom For Boys, but that’s narrow. I’m sure there are a lot of girls out there who aren’tView full post »


Mother’s Day Sucked, PPA Sucks

Yesterday, Mother’s Day, didn’t go very well, and I’m mad. The kids fought nearly the whole day, the restaurant we choseView full post »


Bluebonnets 2014

We live in Texas. It’s bluebonnet season. I’m a photographer. I have children. This is inevitable. Bluebonnet pix 2014,View full post »


Slice Of Perfect In Our Messy Reality- A Photography Challenge

“How do you keep your house so clean?” I get this a lot, which is highly laughable. While I would say we have managed to keepView full post »


Taming Hyenas With Compost Smoothies

When my kids get home from school, it’s like, stop. SHHHH. Don’t. open.  your. mouth. Not before I can shove some food inView full post »


A Spring Break Epiphany & The Turducken of Alcohol

Oh hey there! I’m back from a little break I didn’t intend on taking. Technically, it was spring break here last week. WeView full post »


She Grows With Glitter

The first thing the hairstylist asked her was, “Do you want glitter in your hair?” OF COURSE she did. The minor issue was theView full post »


The Paci Fairy

 Taken with Canon 6D and a Sigma 35 1.4 lens. 1/250 SS, 1.8 f, 400 ISO Scott: What is this about a… Paci Fairy? Me: Oh, yeah. So the PaciView full post »


Things That Make Me Happy On My Birthday

It’s my birthday!  The big Three Three. I’m making Scott take me out to lunch today where I intend to drink a bloody mary andView full post »


I Want To Say This To Stay At Home Moms

“If I get to stay home, the house will always be clean, and I can learn to cook such great food,” I said to Scott at some pointView full post »


This Commercial Captures Valentines Day Perfectly For Me

This commercial stopped me in my tracks the other night. I stood there, arms full of papers and dirty socks and other bits I was attemptingView full post »