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The Kidoodle.TV App & Family Moments are Going To Solve A Lot Of Problems, And You Could Win An iPad Mini!

This is a SUPER exciting post and giveaway. HUGE! Giant thanks to  Kidoodle.TV®, a company I really admire, for sponsoring this. YouView full post »


I Love Not Being Pregnant

Lowell is 2 years, 1 month, and 1 day old. By the time Kendall and Leyna were this age, I was 10-14 weeks pregnant with the nextView full post »


I’m Reminded Why Toddlers Are So Cute

BEHOLD! The faces of LoLo. It’s a survival thing. You can’t possibly want to extinguish your own offspringView full post »


5 Things We Learned About Our Family On Our Carnival Cruise

It has been so much fun sharing bits of our Carnival cruise with you over the last few months. It was definitely a trip we will alwaysView full post »


12 Toys We Have That Don’t Suck

I am pretty vicious about toys around here. When my world is falling down around me in chaos and fire, I go to the playroom and I purge. IfView full post »


The Tear Free Way To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is somewhat of a mom-pro these days, with 3 kids 4 and under. She’s been telling me all about the magic thatView full post »


So About That Birthday Cake/Party/Having a 2 Year Old Now

I’d say this would maybe not qualify as a cake wreck. Sorry to disappoint? Oh sure, it took me 6 hours to craftView full post »


Almost Forgot! He’s Turning 2

Lowell turns 2 tomorrow. If that surprises you, know that it surprises me more. So much so that I…. didn’t even see itView full post »


LoLo Loves Gum – A Video That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Our not-quite-2-year-old chews gum. Not only does he chew gum, he throws the gum in the trash when he’s done (when it starts to loseView full post »


Purple Unicorns Poop Shrimp- Things I’ll Say To Get Them To Stop Asking Questions

What do you do when your child will NOT take “I don’t know” for an answer? You guys, I think she’s been sent hereView full post »


This Rope Woven From Hope Is For You, Momma

The lowest, rock-bottom point in my postpartum anxiety battle was a quiet afternoon, as I rocked my then 9 month old daughter in her darkView full post »


25 Year Old Me Was Dumb, Part 2

Did you read Part 1?  Dear pregnant me, I know you think you have this figured out. You did your research, read the websites, the forums,View full post »


New iPhone For Me Means iPod For The Kids- Awesome Tutorial

I upgraded to the phone beast known as the iPhone 6 last week. All my fears of it being too large were put to rest when I successfullyView full post »


7 Times Leyna Could Not Even With Us On Our Vacation

I swear I’ll be back here soon with an actual re-cap of our super awesome cruise last week, but for now, this will have to keep yourView full post »


How To Wean Your 4 Year Old From Her Paci

After years trapped in a love/hate relationship with, selling my soul to the pacifier, we are done! Like, just in the last week. Not forView full post »


The Zones Of A Filthy Family Car

In some ways, I consider myself a bit of a parenting social scientist, making observations about life with 3 children. In today’sView full post »


What Doctors Want You To Know About Potty Training {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is here today with potty-traning advice she got in a class, based on advice from the AAP, that she took at aView full post »


Happy National Siblings Day!

ISeeMe Books has teamed up with me to celebrate National Siblings Day by sponsoring this post! They are giving away books and a sentimentalView full post »


How To Prepare For & Conduct A Business Call At Home With Children

11:30 prepare lunch 11:45 make sure nobody needs to potty or a diaper change 11:50 turn on Thomas in the living room for one child 11:55View full post »


The Only Thing Preventing You From Being The Parent You Want To Be

“Are you the parent you want to be? If not, what’s stopping you?” I asked that on my Facebook page yesterday, and theView full post »


Things Toddlers Don’t Understand

1. Why do the bananas break? WHY?! 2. How to sit on mom’s lap and yet also play with a toy on the other side ofView full post »


I Try To Stop Time When You Sleep. It’s Filling Up My Camera Roll.

Last week we returned from 8 days away from the kids. It was refreshing and relaxing, but I think all we really needed was 7 days. We spentView full post »


2nd Floor Safety- Tips for keeping your family safe in a 2 story home

Allstate is back with another collaboration today- this time they are answering my questions about how to keep our family safe in a 2 storyView full post »


LoLo’s Puppy Nursery – Room Reveal

There is one whole room in our house finally complete! I think I’m just going to live in it, and never leave it. I’m sureView full post »


I Have No Real Answers. I Just Know All (My) Toddlers Are Maniacs. And I Deal.

When Kendall, my first, started the climb-all-the-things-attempt-death stage of toddlerhood, I simply felt doomed. Like, I made it throughView full post »


ATTENTION: I’ve Got A Fantastic, Free App To Tell You About And Starbucks To Give Away! (KidsLink Review & Giveaway)

I think that was the longest post title in the history of this blog, but I know it’s like minutes until Christmas and we are allView full post »


A $6 Gift Your Kids Will Love

Kids love toys, sure, but kids also love NOT toys. You know, stuff that they don’t normally stumble across in their quest for theView full post »


One of the smartest, best baby products we’ve ever had! (And a big sale!)

Stokke Tripp Trapp Sale at $199 ($50 off!) | BabyRabies.comView full post »


Babywearing/ Toddler Immobilizing Giveaway From Onya Baby

The last time we moved, our oldest was 8 weeks old. It was horrible. Truly. I don’t ever recommend moving acrossView full post »


Kids Are Easier To Please Than We Think- A Halloween Recap

Remember how I spent nearly a week carefully crafting an intricate, homemade costume for Kendall last Halloween? Well, I was having none ofView full post »


In October We Do The Pumpkin Patch

It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we will always do, CHILDREN. So every year. EVERY YEAR. I will drag your littleView full post »


The One Day App Is My New Digital Hoarding Obsession

I’m a self-diagnosed digital hoarder. My computer files are probably hiding hundreds of dead, flat cats. My desktop (the one on myView full post »


I Fought The Paci & The Paci Won. Again.

The plan was I would write a post this morning while Lowell naps and Leyna watches Doc McStuffins all about how we FINALLY kicked the paciView full post »


Nothing’s Wrong With Him… Or Something’s Wrong With All Of Them

Over the last couple months, I’ve come to an equally comforting and terrifying conclusion. There isn’t anything really wrongView full post »


My Daughter Is Everything And Nothing I Expected- A Poppy Drops Giveaway

Leyna Lorelei- 2nd born, middle sister, hair twirler, obsessive snuggler, paci-aholic, bossy, nurturing, and addicted toView full post »


Let It Grow

Texas peaches sprout on their own from a compost pile. The case for letting “weeds” grow.View full post »