DIY Paper Mobile Tutorial

Paper Mobile DIY

My trip to the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel this month inspired this simple, paper mobile tutorial for the Red Barn Blog.  Head on over to get the full tutorial.

FUNNIEST Teacher Appreciation Cards Ever


The end of the school year for us totally snuck up on me. As it does every year. So not only was I like, “Holy crap! I have to entertain my kids all day long now?” (Until summer school starts because YES they will be going to THAT.) But then I was also like, “Holy […]

DIY Tablet Sleeve Sewing Tutorial


Last month, before I got super exhausted and icky from this pregnancy, I made an easy-peasy tablet sleeve tutorial for The Paper Mama’s 50 Days of DIY Christmas. I promise it’s a super simple sewing project, and I love the laminated cotton fabric I got from City Craft for it! Makes it water (or coffee, […]

A Teacher’s Gift: Feed Projects


I always struggle with what to get the kids’ teachers at the end of the year. How do you show your appreciation for them and not simultaneously load them up with a bunch of trinkets, crap and calories? I’ve done the gift card thing many times, and that seems like the safest route, but it […]