Lowell’s Soul and My Sixth Sense


This conversation about my baby’s soul and my mother 6th sense is sponsored by Baby Jack Blankets, which is one of Lowell’s very favorite things. I knew within minutes of meeting him that he was different. Obviously, all my children are each their own person, but the contrasts were easier to notice between boy and girl. When […]

Babies Grow Fast, Yo


 Let’s talk consignment sales! This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends, a Dallas area consignment sale.  This guy is 8 weeks old.  That sound I just heard was your mind being blown, I know. And in true Krause Kid fashion, he’s starting to chub out.

A Pork Be Inspired Giveaway


The food situation in this house is a bad one, friends. We’ve basically been living off of fast food. I mean, yes, I know… I JUST HAD A BABY. Good excuse, I think. But no. This must stop. We have to get back into the habit of, like, cooking and stuff. For our health, but […]

Blinkbuggy- A Digital Documentarian’s Hub

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.40.26 PM

This pregnancy, my 3rd and final, has likely been the most documented pregnancy when it comes to pictures. I may not have blogged much about it this time around, but I Instagramed the heck out of all the small and big moments, with plenty of bump selfies thrown in because why not? I don’t have […]