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What I Wish I Would Have Known My First Pregnancy {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is back with some great advice for pregnancy first-timers. She just welcomed her 3rd baby, so she’s kind ofView full post »


When Parenting & The Internet Collide- What I’ve Learned

The internet has never not been a part of my life as a parent. Some of the first people I told I was pregnant were a bunch of womenView full post »


The Lasagna – A Story Of Love, Betrayal, Redemption & Rejection

Gather ’round, and let me tell you a tale- a hunt for lasagna that nearly ended my marriage. It all began on a Christmas Eve 2 yearsView full post »


The Case For A Menstruation Hut

I’ve been through this 3 times now with the same results, so I think I can consider myself an expert at this point. The 2nd periodView full post »


Creative Pregnancy Announcements- Did You Pull One Off? {Contributor}

Big news from contributor Julie today! I have never been able to pull off anything more than a blank stare to tell my husband I’mView full post »


Favorite Breastfeeding Products & Tips, Plus Video

I’m sharing some of my favorite breastfeeding products, tips, and advice.View full post »


Pregnant News Anchor Passes Out In Street, Signs Off To Be A SAHM {Contributor}

Julie Kroenig was living “the dream” as a morning anchor for WKRN in Nashville, but after exhaustion literally lead her toView full post »


40 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant Is A Lot Of Pregnant {contributor}

Today I share with you this very profound piece of writing by my friend, AND NEW CONTRIBUTOR (YAY! Ya’ll will love her!), Suzanne.View full post »


Postpartum Realities

“Why do I always forget how miserable I am after having a baby?” I asked Scott with tears in my eyes. It was a rhetoricalView full post »


Baby Baggage- What I Took To The Hospital

 It doesn’t actually take bags full of stuff to have a baby. Technically, you just have to show up, or not… if you’reView full post »


Lowell’s Birth Story

I’d been pregnant for about… 7ish years. In my head. Technically, I was 40 weeks, 5 days, but in my head? A full sevenView full post »



Lowell Scott Krause is finally here! Born at 40 weeks 5 days, on July 30th, 2013 at 8:14pm. He weighs 8 lbs 11 ounces, the same as bigView full post »


40 Weeks

According to the measurements at my 8 week appointment, this baby is due today. It’s the EDD I’ve gone with because it’sView full post »


Blinkbuggy- A Digital Documentarian’s Hub

This pregnancy, my 3rd and final, has likely been the most documented pregnancy when it comes to pictures. I may not have blogged muchView full post »


Still Pregnant! Pictures to Prove It

I awoke to several texts and Facebook messages and pings today, asking if I was in labor. After I rolled my eyes and hoisted myself out ofView full post »


All The Ways My Body Is Making Me Pregnant Rage

My recent shocking revelation that this pregnancy is very suddenly about to come to an end seemed to coincide with my body revoltingView full post »


Suddenly It’s The End Of This Pregnancy

Wait… not like THE END THE LAST DAY HAVING THE BABY RIGHT NOW. Not trying to alarm anyone. The baby is still tucked away up in myView full post »


A Letter To My 51 Year Old Self- A Listen To Your Mother Reading

Back in May, I had the honor of being on the 2013 Listen To Your Mother, Austin cast. I joined 13 other women and one man on a simple stageView full post »


Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just May Break A Toe

I thought long and hard about the recliner I was craving. It’s possible I obsessed. We shopped around, looking at various options,View full post »


A Dallas Great Wolf Lodge Staycation- Because I’m Too Pregnant To Leave

About halfway into this pregnancy, I thought, “Oh, we simply MUST take the children to the beach this summer!” I envisionedView full post »


HOW Do I “Enjoy” My Last Pregnancy?

Things have been quiet around here. There are dust bunnies hiding between my sidebar ads. I think a tumbleweed just blew across my headerView full post »


My HLN Debut- The Anti-Glamorous Pregnancy

Last week, from the comfort of our Great Wolf Lodge suite, my hair barely dry, I Skyped into the HLN studios to discuss “the realView full post »


I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…

Then summer keeps happening. And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and coveringView full post »


The Case Of The Sinking Baby Belly

I don’t know that the way I’m carrying this baby has much to do with what gender he/she is. After looking at belly pics fromView full post »


I Crave The Recline

I have a new craving. Bradford Leather Rocker Recliner from Sam’s Club Don’t worry. I don’t want to eat it. I just craveView full post »


Let Us Sing You The Song Of Our People

Many things have changed from my first pregnancy to my 3rd. I eat sushi and drink coffee now. I started wearing maternity pants at 8View full post »


Netflix Is Probably Ditching Your Kids’ Favorite Show

As of May 22nd, like in just a few days, Nick Jr. programming (or anything owned by Viacom) will not be available on Netflix, according toView full post »


“I Eat Sand.” “Please Tell That To America!”

I think the first time I’m on national TV, I’m going to be telling the world that I eat sand. Sometimes. Just a littleView full post »


The Busy Life Cycle- Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging. Like exercise, it’s something that always makes me feel better when I’m done,View full post »


The Hard Rock Hotel, Boobs, And Awesome On The Internet

It’s not what you think. Adding those things up in my title, it comes out to a different equation than the one I’m going toView full post »


Boobs! (The Last) Hurrah!

I went to Dillard’s to buy a new bra last week. Victoria’s Secret was closed for a remodel, and Dillard’s was the closestView full post »


Wait…What? Third Trimester?

Every Thursday, without fail, I am genuinely surprised to see a message from my Baby Center pregnancy app pop up on my phone, alerting meView full post »


Listen To Your Mother! And Come Listen To Me In Austin

I am so freaking excited to tell you all that I was selected as a cast member for this year’s Listen To Your Mother show in Austin,View full post »


Look Into My Crystal Ball, Expecting Moms

Expecting your first baby? Come, sit at my table and look into my crystal ball with me. I have many exciting predictions for yourView full post »


My Body Keeps Having To Remind Me It’s Pregnant

My body keeps having to remind me it’s pregnant. It’s quite inconvenient. I have stuff to do, yo. But, in the midst of thisView full post »


Preparing For Goodbye- A Dog Story

I cradled his head as he rested it atop my growing belly, smooshing both slobbery cheeks together. I reached down and gave him a kiss onView full post »