Sleeping is an essential function to live, right?

Then how the HELL do parents survive?  I had a rude “awakening” this weekend when I realized that I feel like complete ass when I don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, and even then I feel like half an ass without 8 or more.  Parents tell me that you change when you have […]

Talking dirty has taken on a whole new meaning.

“Hey hon…be ready for sex when you get home.  I have lots of stretchy cervical mucus and my cervix is really soft and high.  I think I’m going to ovulate today!”  I don’t think I’ve ever uttered something so unromantic in my life, but it was 7 in the morning and I wasn’t thinking of […]

My PIC (that’s partner in conceiving)

It’s hard to be a gangsta trying to get knocked up and shit, but not when you got a PIC who be down for da ride, yo. (If you could hear me say that out loud, you would laugh your ass off at what an idiot I sound like. I over enunciate even when I’m […]

If my dogs are any indication of my parenting skills…

I’m going to need to learn how to say NO. My poor Labrador is hobbling around my apartment right now with her tongue hanging three feet of out her panting pink mouth.  I feel so bad for her. We just got back from a three mile run for me and a four mile run for […]