Back In Time Series: The First Post


This week, I’m running a very special series where I’m going to repost some old posts many of you may have never read before. It’s all super special, just for you, and not at all because I’m running around like a crazy person right now, preparing for Blogher, or because there’s no way in hell […]

Pin Of The Week- Not Crafty At All, But I Feel This Way About Pregnancy Tests

This one is likely not going to inspire you to craft or create or organize, but it definitely made me think, “That is SO true!” Source: via Jill on Pinterest   For those reading from a phone who can’t read the text, it says “When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It […]

Holy Shit! What have we done?!

I’m not going to lie…that very thought passed through my mind after I saw those two pink lines.  Not like, What have we done? Can we take it back?…just like, This IS what you wanted, this is very real.  Wow.  So yeah, I’m sure you can gather now that I took the test and it’s […]

I like living in a fantasy world

That’s why I’m so afraid to test.  I really should though…it’s driving the immediate gratification seeking, type A person inside of me crazy!  Really, all signs are starting to point toward good news, but since I know that I’m inherently an optimist to the point of it being a fault at times, I am finding […]