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Back In Time Series: The First Post

This week, I’m running a very special series where I’m going to repost some old posts many of you may have never read before.View full post »


Pin Of The Week- Not Crafty At All, But I Feel This Way About Pregnancy Tests

This one is likely not going to inspire you to craft or create or organize, but it definitely made me think, “That is SOView full post »


Holy Shit! What have we done?!

I’m not going to lie…that very thought passed through my mind after I saw those two pink lines.  Not like, What have we done?View full post »


I like living in a fantasy world

That’s why I’m so afraid to test.  I really should though…it’s driving the immediate gratification seeking, type AView full post »


Sleeping is an essential function to live, right?

Then how the HELL do parents survive?  I had a rude “awakening” this weekend when I realized that I feel like complete ass whenView full post »


Talking dirty has taken on a whole new meaning.

“Hey hon…be ready for sex when you get home.  I have lots of stretchy cervical mucus and my cervix is really soft and high.  IView full post »


My PIC (that’s partner in conceiving)

It’s hard to be a gangsta trying to get knocked up and shit, but not when you got a PIC who be down for da ride, yo. (If you couldView full post »


If my dogs are any indication of my parenting skills…

I’m going to need to learn how to say NO. My poor Labrador is hobbling around my apartment right now with her tongue hanging threeView full post »


Irrational Fear – Conehead babies

I just saw some of the most amazing pictures of the most beautiful newborn with a head so perfectly round she looked like a littleView full post »


Preconception Deception

Happy hour yesterday with some former co-workers was interesting. I left this job before the Baby Rabies infected me. In fact, as of theView full post »


Let’s talk judgement

Okay ladies and gents (are there any gents out there reading this?), we all know the world of parenthood is ripe with judgement. You canView full post »


Admitting defeat

A pack of ovulation predictor tests, a bottle of Merlot, and a box of tampons…those three things in my grocery cart at Target couldView full post »