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I Took A Leap- Jill Krause Photography

Remember when our government shut down? Good times. My husband works for the federal government, and he was sent home. For the first weekView full post »


Pictures of Our Week 2

First, let’s lead with THAT up there. My cousin sent Lowell this freaking ADORABLE outfit over the weekend. It morphed him into theView full post »


Pictures Of Our Week

Another week has passed, and a million things I’ve wanted to tell you all about (okay, at least 27 on my to-write list) sit in myView full post »


Living In Our PJs

I’m really glad we put a little effort into our bedroom before Lowell got here because it’s basically our own 2 man (or oneView full post »


I Didn’t Cry

Kendall’s first day of kindergarten was yesterday. I didn’t cry. Be sure, there were plenty of emotions in me, and it’sView full post »


Newborn Pictures by Amy Columbus Photography

Oh look! It’s another post with a lot of pictures. This time, they’re not from my camera, but from the lens of AmyView full post »


8 Days With Lowell

::sits on pillow, dusts off blog, adjusts breast pads:: Hi! Lowell was born 8 days ago. Life is lovely and chaotic all at once. I’mView full post »


Blinkbuggy- A Digital Documentarian’s Hub

This pregnancy, my 3rd and final, has likely been the most documented pregnancy when it comes to pictures. I may not have blogged muchView full post »


Still Pregnant! Pictures to Prove It

I awoke to several texts and Facebook messages and pings today, asking if I was in labor. After I rolled my eyes and hoisted myself out ofView full post »


Freezing Time And Putting It On Display

I cleaned out Leyna’s closet last week in an effort to figure out what I do and don’t have for the next baby. As I pulled outView full post »


I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…

Then summer keeps happening. And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and coveringView full post »


The Busy Life Cycle- Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging. Like exercise, it’s something that always makes me feel better when I’m done,View full post »


Little Lost Lambie Finds His Way Home- A Lovey Story

“It’s got to be in the back of the car,” I huffed. “I wish you would have let me go back and look for it,”View full post »


A Half Decade Celebration Done Right With The Frisco RoughRiders

The Frisco RoughRiders baseball team provided a birthday party for Kendall in exchange for this post. All pictures and opinions are myView full post »


Wait…What? Third Trimester?

Every Thursday, without fail, I am genuinely surprised to see a message from my Baby Center pregnancy app pop up on my phone, alerting meView full post »


2 is Tough When You’re Stuck In The Bluebonnets

2 is tough. You’re still just so dang adorable that your parents want lots and lots of pictures of you… But you wantView full post »


Preparing For Goodbye- A Dog Story

I cradled his head as he rested it atop my growing belly, smooshing both slobbery cheeks together. I reached down and gave him a kiss onView full post »


Imagination and Determination (To Not Clean One’s Room)

He was supposed to be cleaning his room. “Uhh… hey buddy. What’s… this? Your room’s not clean, andView full post »


Bath Bomb With Musical Accompaniment

I’ve been focusing on maintaining a level of sanity around here this week that has required me to neglect blogging. It seemsView full post »


Sunlit Clovers and Dumb Luck

She zig zagged through the strip of dead grass alongside our house as the sun was setting behind her, looking for dandelions. I wasView full post »


They Sleep So We Can Regroup

Let’s do better tomorrow, little man. Both of us. Let’s do better tomorrow. Taken with my Canon 6D, uploaded to and edited onView full post »


The Baby In The Bathtub

The one in the shiny, round silver thing. She’s as entertaining now… as she was then.View full post »


She’s A Force

“A squirrel, a squirrel! Dere!” she pointed. She followed it with her eyes, traced it with her fingers on the window. SheView full post »


That Time I Took A Broken Camera To Florida

You may have noticed things were a little quiet around here last week… or maybe you didn’t. Either way, I gave myself the weekView full post »


3 Cheers For Love! An Easy Pennant Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I had a friend and her kids over for a playdate/Valentines photo shoot. I threw it together at the very last minute andView full post »


Calling All Birth Junkies, Baby Junkies, and Photography Enthusiasts

Voting is on for the 2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image Of The Year. And let me tell you, theView full post »


Trouble In Camera Paradise

I was tired of the old one. I felt held down, stifled. He was too limiting. He was boring me, frankly. I knew there were others who couldView full post »


Time Marches On

After the whirlwind and beat-down that was this month, somehow Christmas managed to come and pass and we had just enough of our ishView full post »


Fall Fields, Photographing Friends, And Do You Believe In Orbs?

I’ve been terrible with taking pictures of us and our life lately. I keep meaning to make it a priority (and I’m actuallyView full post »


A Love Letter To My Toddler

Dear daughter, I will always love you. Even when you’re knee deep in the shitter. I may, however, request that you take a bath firstView full post »


Get Instagram Pics Off Your Phone And Into Your Home

I’ve fallen in love with Instagram over the last year and a half as a quick place to share random moments. They’re often theView full post »


5 Tips For Taking Pictures Of Yourself

There’s been a bit of a movement lately to encourage moms to get in front of the camera. I’ve blogged about it before, aboutView full post »


My Halloween Treat? A New Camera

I have crafts to make, pumpkins to carve and candy-rabid children to keep at bay today, so not much time for a post with words and stuffs.View full post »


First World Potty Training

How on earth did I ever potty train the first one without an iPad and the PBS Kids app?View full post »


iPhone and Instagram Inspiration

I know a lot of you lament that you don’t have “fancy” cameras or that you don’t have time to learn how to useView full post »


Photographic Evidence That I’m Here Too

Over the weekend, the photography community lost a beautiful soul to ovarian cancer – Jen Burgess Thompson, mother to 2 young boys. IView full post »