Image Of The Year Competition


Once again, for the 2nd year in a row, I was faced with an impossible challenge. I am a judge for the Image Of The Year Competition, and I had to submit my ballet yesterday. Last year’s 1st and 2nd place- The Memory Box Photography Miracle Moments Birth Photography And what an honor to […]

This Is 6 Months


Half a year with this guy. Unbelievable.   Pics taken with my Canon 6D and Sigma 35 1.4 lens. 

This Lens Changes Everything- Canon 40mm Pancake Lens


I now have 2 favorite lenses for my Canon 6D DSLR. Okay, I only have 2 lenses for it, but I love them both equally for different reasons. My Sigma 35 1.4 is a dream. It’s sharp, it’s fast, it takes stunning pictures inside my home, even in tight spots. It’s also really heavy and […]

There Is Magic In 5 Months Old


I’ve seen him roll over both ways a couple times, so I know he’s capable of it. He doesn’t do it often, though. I think this would have caused me great anxiety as a first-time mom. I encouraged my first baby to track brightly colored objects until he shifted his weight enough to land from […]