Let Me Sleep Because I’m Never That Hungry


Mommy Truth: Crafting With My Children


Passive Aggressive Piles of Dog Poop


Before we had kids, we had dogs. Oh sure, I didn’t birth them from my womb, but they were our “babies” nonetheless. We cuddled and coddled them, talked to and slept with them. We celebrated their birthdays. It was a good life. I’m not saying it’s a bad life for them now. I mean, the poor souls […]

One Kid was EASY! A Mommy Truth


Kendall’s been sick this week. Not the kind of sick where he lays in a bed and sleeps all day, though. Just the kind of sick where I’m forced to keep him home from school, while he continues with life at the same pace he always has. So we’ve run a lot of errands together […]