2 Boys Worth Of Stuff Into One Closet


The plan was to be living in a bigger house by now. It was to sell this house, and buy or build something with more space. The plan was for each of the 3 kids to have their own room, their own closet. The plan gave me a panic attack when I shook myself free […]

The Big Bedroom Makeover Giveaway!


I had SO much fun re-doing our wretched master bedroom this month. Okay, maybe it wasn’t “fun” while we were doing it, but I like to tell myself it was worth it, and like my wedding, I plan to erase the memories of me crying over the bad stuff and replace them with the word […]

Our Bedroom Finally Looks Civilized- The Reveal


It was a long week of home renovations. Per usual, I always grossly underestimate how much time and energy a project will take. We were running on little sleep and too much caffeine by the time we finished, but our room? Oh my. It’s like we imported it from another house. Hardly recognizable compared to […]

Making Our Bedroom More Magical, Less Frat House

If this were an episode of Cribs, I’d be all, “This is where the magic happens!” And then you’d be like, “How exactly did you get pregnant again?” Ahhh… our beautiful master bedroom. Be sure, I cleaned this up for the pictures, folks. Like, really cleaned it good, and got all the dirty socks off […]