Trying To Fight Overdoing Christmas


I struggle a bit with this season, especially as the kids get older. I’m pulled between the urge (which I think is just engrained in me as an American) to buy up great deals and have many presents under the tree that will make the kids happy, and the sick feeling that comes from knowing […]

Back In Time Series: Christmas Songs Are Condescending

This was only just last Christmas, so some of you may remember it, but it’s one of those stories that gets much funnier with age. I imagine I’ll tell it to my children and grandchildren for years to come. Christmas Songs Are Condescending Alternatively titled: A Scene From My Life, A Holiday Comedy, Coming To […]

Sleep: Not Just For The Selfish

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. – unknown BULLSHIT. If I were on my deathbed tomorrow, I could tell you about the great sleep I got in Nashville at the end of February, when I was sleeping in a hotel WITHOUT CHILDREN. But, okay, I […]

I Took The Kids To The Pool. By Myself.


It went a little something like this. Soo… yay summer!