Shine The Light


Shine the light. It’s the only way to find our way out. It’s the only way to find joy again. It’s the only way to find solutions. Shine the light. Shine the light on love, on family, on holding tight to whatever keeps you going, be that your faith or your convictions. Shine the light […]

A Love Letter To My Toddler


Dear daughter, I will always love you. Even when you’re knee deep in the shitter. I may, however, request that you take a bath first before hugging you. Love always, Mommy

Suburban Mom Blogger Problems

I opened the jug of milk right there in the parking lot. I happened to find a bottle of water rolling around in the back of the car, which was like a little gift from the heavens because I was JUST debating how bad it would be to pour the milk directly into the brand […]

My Life the Cliche, My Friend Suzy Jenkins


I got a text from a friend who recently had a baby tonight. And then, a few hours later, I found myself feeling particularly mopey. Scott fell asleep while putting Kendall to bed. The house is a mess, despite me cleaning all the things this morning. I’m so worn out from crafting, yet I have so […]