Denver! Got Dirty Cloth Diapers? Come Change Them!


In How-Is-This-My-Life news, I am going to be the official Guinness World Records Witness for the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Denver this April 26th! Bucket list be like… 127. Officially Witness a Guinness World Record   check! One of the first parenting decisions I made before Kendall, my first baby, was born was to […]

Donating Diapers To Giving Diapers, Giving Hope


That’s a box of diapers I just packed and addressed to: The Natural Baby Company Attn: Giving Diapers Giving Hope 1203 North Rouse Unit 3E Bozeman MT 59715 I’m extremely fortunate. So many diaper companies send me cloth diapers to try out on my babies. We have way more than we need for Lowell. So […]

A Peek At Our New Barn-Style Doors & My New Favorite Backdrop


This weekend, Scott finished up a couple barn-style doors on a track that he pieced together completely on his own, based on some inspiration online. This man. I don’t dare tell him he CAN’T swim the Atlantic Ocean for fear of him actually proving me wrong. I’m ashamed of how little faith I had in […]

Cloth Diapering Greatest Hits for Real Diaper Week 2012


I realize lately I’ve been all photography this and mommy truth that, and some of my newer readers may not know that I have some pretty educational (if I do say so myself) posts on cloth diapering. Some of them I wrote years ago… before I embraced the importance of brevity while blogging, so brace […]