You know when you are acutely aware that 4 kids is quite a few kids? When you take them all out to dinner for the first time. That was our night last night. This wasn’t just any old dinner out, though. THIS? This was family date night at McAlister’s Deli. McAlister’s Deli is sponsoring this […]

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  • Chrissy - McAlisters is the best!!!! We can feed a family of six for $30 and it’s not crap either!! So excited! We will be eating here Tuesday for sure!ReplyCancel

My children are all a little more or less than 3 years apart. I know all too well this newborn plus a toddler life, so when the following things come out of my mouth, it’s total deja vu. “Please don’t jump over your brother.” “Please don’t try to pick up your brother.” “GENTLE!” “Please don’t try […]

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  • Mary - I have told my NINE ***YEAR*** old sd to not touch my baby’s head too many times. She has held her three times and every time she has tried to PRESS on her SOFT SPOT! She will complain to her aunts/grandparents that she hasn’t gotten to hold the baby and I told her up front why she doesn’t anymore. And then she tried to do it again as I just finished telling her! “I didn’t get to hold her” “you don’t get to anymore because you keep trying to press on her soft spot” *goes to do exactly that* “I said not to touch her head. Stop trying to touch her head” we have explained that it will hurt the baby and could even kill her but she doesn’t care! Grrrr. There’s a reason I’m “over” protective…ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - My stepdaughter was 12 when my daughter was born and I caught her trying to feed her chocolate before she was even old enough to eat baby food. I told her no and she thought it was because it was right before dinner.ReplyCancel

  • Lee - “Please don’t touch him after your hands been in your butt”…. Oh my word, so funny! I’m pregnant with my last child and I’ve got a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. Been there, will be repeating again. Stay strong! <3ReplyCancel

  • Rodrigo - So funny!ReplyCancel

Hey! So I know this is short notice, but want to come to my playgroup tomorrow morning? Listen, before you’re like, “Well, I don’t know if my baby is going to be napping, and I’m not in the mood to be dressed and have my teeth brushed by 10:30 (CST) in the morning and plus I […]

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  • Jenny Williams - Entering to win and looking forward to the “meetup”!ReplyCancel

  • Marina - Look forward to your next post ! Helps me to feel more human ?ReplyCancel

Okay, this is going to be quick because Wallace is sure to wake up soon SINCE I’M NOT HOLDING HIM. And I really want to update you all on how life with a one-month-old is. One! Month! Old! But? I also really need a shower because I can’t handle the smell of myself. First thing’s […]

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  • Wombatish - Thank you for making my 29w self slightly less nervous! He’s ridiculously cute too.

    I gotta say though, what made me come and comment is those pants in the last picture. Those are awesome. I wore my last pair of bright colored pants literally to death ?ReplyCancel

  • Wombatish - D’oh that question mark. Forgot I was commenting on the main blog and tried an emoji. Go go sore preggo brain.ReplyCancel

  • Clarissa - My daughter is 6 days old as well, and I’m a first time Mom. I really don’t think I understood how hard this was going to be, but it’s nice to know it’s not a walk in the park for everyone. I’m normal, and my beautiful demonic daughter is normal, and being a Mommy is hard.ReplyCancel

  • Katherine - Hang in there it does get easier . This is my second child and he’s 10 days old .. the first two nights home were a nightmare but with each day it gets a bit easier ,ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - You can do it!! I promise you that it does get better, and then it gets amazing. ?ReplyCancel

  • Tricia - You are a natural at the wrapping, lady. I’m going to find your address and send you the damn surprises I have for you if it means I get called a creepy stalker. Well, I hope that doesn’t happen but I’ll get ridiculous if you don’t sent your address my way, dude.ReplyCancel

As I tried to figure out why my baby might be crying last night, it occurred to me this would make a great blog post! Over nearly 9 years of trying to figure out why 4 babies are crying, I’ve come up with quite the mental checklist I work through, and I’m sharing that with […]

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  • Leyna Williams - 1. Excellent tips. Even as an experienced parent, it’s hard to keep all the balls in the air, hard to remember that you haven’t checked for poo (or burping. I distinctly remember forgetting to burp #3 and not understanding why he seemed so uncomfortable. Duh.).

    2. I’m not sure I should have read this yet. You just reminded me it’s gonna get hard for a while. Ack. LALALALALA NOT LISTENING 😉ReplyCancel

    • Jill - Psssst! So far? This one has been super easy. Like, I’m really afraid to put that out in the universe.ReplyCancel

  • Michael - pregnant with my 2 and and my son is 5 reading this just reminded me oh yeah I used to forget to burb him the time. love your blog btw!ReplyCancel

  • Allie - Great article! There was one time my three month old son started the afternoon a little fussy and it just got worse and worse as the day went on. He had been such an easy baby so this was out of the norm. He just got so upset, mad, and crying still after I thought I had tried all the basics! Finally I thought, I’m just going to strip him down and start all over again. I pulled his little socks off and he stopped crying!! His damn socks had been too tight and as the day went on they must have gotten more and more constructing and uncomfortable. Poor guy had compression marks from the socks all around his calfs. So now it’s a joke in my family, if he’s fussy – take his socks off!ReplyCancel

Being a parent for the first time is no joke. I don’t envy those of you holding tiny babies right now that are going through this brand new. While my postpartum recovery seems to get worse after each baby, the babies themselves? They keep getting easier. Also, I think I just keep getting better at […]

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  • Kerrin - Well this was just so lovely. And so so so true. What a good post!!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Moser - I only have 3 but even with my third, the doc office questions about sleep and eating & diapers were so stressful for me! Knowing an appointment was coming up, I’d start stressing about what I’d say and trying to pay more attention!ReplyCancel

  • Liz - Thanks for this. My son is 3 weeks old and man do I feel overwhelmed.ReplyCancel

  • Julia Goodman - Thank you so much for this post! Very informative! ???ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Thank you for this post. I’m sitting here, 32 weeks pregnant with my first. I’m overcome with anxiety and worry, but I found comfort in your words.ReplyCancel

  • Erin - I have read this over and over. As a first time Mom of an almost three week old, this is hard. Oh so hard! I read and reread your writing for hope and reassurance! Thank you thank you thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Tricia - You’re amazing. That’s all.ReplyCancel