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Israel Trip, Part 2- An Afternoon With an Israeli Mother In Pictures

When the Vibe Israel team asked me what I most wanted to do in Israel, I thought for a few hours, then I knew exactly what. I wantedView full post »


My Trip To Israel, Part 1

Man, I’m overwhelmed right now. To start, my blog has been down, off and on, for over a week, thanks to some kind of hack andView full post »


The Kidoodle.TV App & Family Moments are Going To Solve A Lot Of Problems, And You Could Win An iPad Mini!

This is a SUPER exciting post and giveaway. HUGE! Giant thanks to  Kidoodle.TV®, a company I really admire, for sponsoring this. You guys,View full post »


I Love Not Being Pregnant

Lowell is 2 years, 1 month, and 1 day old. By the time Kendall and Leyna were this age, I was 10-14 weeks pregnant with the next one. ThatView full post »


I’m Reminded Why Toddlers Are So Cute

BEHOLD! The faces of LoLo. It’s a survival thing. You can’t possibly want to extinguish your own offspringView full post »


5 Things We Learned About Our Family On Our Carnival Cruise

It has been so much fun sharing bits of our Carnival cruise with you over the last few months. It was definitely a trip we will alwaysView full post »


Back To School Party Ideas With Tyson for #HungerHeroes

Tyson Foods® asked me to be a part of their #HungerHeroes campaign and throw a back-to-school party with some of their chicken nuggets andView full post »


12 Toys We Have That Don’t Suck

I am pretty vicious about toys around here. When my world is falling down around me in chaos and fire, I go to the playroom and I purge. IfView full post »


The Tear Free Way To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is somewhat of a mom-pro these days, with 3 kids 4 and under. She’s been telling me all about the magic thatView full post »


Stay Afloat. Get. To. Shore.

You know how I know that postpartum anxiety is very REAL for me? Because when I’m not drowning in it, I look at my previous self fromView full post »


This Much I Know About Starting School

I was scared he would talk too much. I was scared he would misbehave. I was scared he would be mean. I was scared he would be bullied. IView full post »


Gold Leaf Coral Frame Tutorial

Who doesn’t love combing through the soft beach sand, where the shore meets the water, and coming up with hands full of seaView full post »


So About That Birthday Cake/Party/Having a 2 Year Old Now

I’d say this would maybe not qualify as a cake wreck. Sorry to disappoint? Oh sure, it took me 6 hours to craftView full post »


Almost Forgot! He’s Turning 2

Lowell turns 2 tomorrow. If that surprises you, know that it surprises me more. So much so that I…. didn’t even see itView full post »


Turn Ceramic Tiles Into Ornaments. In July. I know. I’m sorry.

FaLaLaLaLa! I’m a lunatic! It’s okay to hate me for posting about CHRISTMAS right now, but hear me out. Every. Single.View full post »


Learn Light Painting AND Win $500

My lovely little sister came for a visit this weekend, and taught us how to do light painting. She has this rad job where she gets paid toView full post »


LoLo Loves Gum – A Video That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Our not-quite-2-year-old chews gum. Not only does he chew gum, he throws the gum in the trash when he’s done (when it starts to loseView full post »


Purple Unicorns Poop Shrimp- Things I’ll Say To Get Them To Stop Asking Questions

What do you do when your child will NOT take “I don’t know” for an answer? You guys, I think she’s been sent hereView full post »


The Post That Nobody Will Pin, But It Makes Me Happy

I keep making blogging harder than it should be. I miss the days I used to just… write. Long, HUGE paragraphs. I mean, I cringeView full post »


This Rope Woven From Hope Is For You, Momma

The lowest, rock-bottom point in my postpartum anxiety battle was a quiet afternoon, as I rocked my then 9 month old daughter in her darkView full post »


6 Tips For Great Summer Photos

Summertime just screams “BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!” to me. So did our Carnival cruise. In fact, when I told Carnival we’d beView full post »


Freezing The Mom-Bod With CoolSculpting, Again

You may remember I went through a round of CoolSculpting a few years ago, and a machine that looks like a sucker fish turned my belly andView full post »


You’ve Got To Hear This 4 Year Old’s Fashion Advice- {Contributor}

Y’ALLLLLLLLLLL!!! I have known Caroline since she was a wee embryo. She and Leyna were born weeks apart. When her mom, Suzanne (alsoView full post »


Things I Actually Say, Now On Instagram

Parents say the craziest stuff, right? Like, “If you don’t kill the wolves for your sister, I’m going to put you inView full post »


25 Year Old Me Was Dumb, Part 2

Did you read Part 1?  Dear pregnant me, I know you think you have this figured out. You did your research, read the websites, the forums,View full post »


Sibling Bonding At Sea

When Carnival asked me who I’d like to take on a cruise before they sent me last month, I was obligated delighted to say, “MyView full post »


25 Year Old Me, You Are The Dumbest- Part 1

Dear 25 year old me, I see you looking down your nose at the family who dared bring their toddler to a proper restaurant at 8 pm. Surely itView full post »


#FreeToBe-lieve In Your #Selfie – Another Easy Tutorial

We have half bath downstairs that’s supposed to be for guests. And by “guests” I mean the 10 boys on the street who peeView full post »


I Hate You

I was probably 7, standing upstairs, peering out of my parent’s bedroom window down to my friends below. “I HATE my mom!”View full post »


We’ve Still Got A Lot Of Fight Left- For My Fellow Warrior Moms

It’s June. It’s almost halfway through June! And I feel terrible that I’m just now writing about this, organizing, this,View full post »


A Boy’s Room With Room To Grow

Slowly, slowly, so slowly, we are finishing rooms one by one in our new house. So slowly that this is only the 2nd room we ain’tView full post »


10 Fun Facts About Our First Carnival Cruise

Last month, Carnival sent us on our very first cruise as a family! The details: We went on a 7 day cruise aboard the Carnival Magic,View full post »


New iPhone For Me Means iPod For The Kids- Awesome Tutorial

I upgraded to the phone beast known as the iPhone 6 last week. All my fears of it being too large were put to rest when I successfullyView full post »


I Took A Nap For YOU Today- Important Mattress Research

 This one’s a sponsored post, brought to you by 4Sleep. If you think you’ll ever want to buy a super comfortable memory foamView full post »


5 Photography Tips All New & Expecting Parents Need to Know

I’ve been shooting with a Canon camera and lenses for almost 5 years now, so naturally I was pumped to work with them on a post toView full post »


Turn Old T-Shirts Into Room Decor – Wall Hanging and T-Shirt Pillow DIYs

We are so close to completing Kendall’s bedroom, which would make 2 rooms completely done in 6 months since moving in. I predict weView full post »