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Turn Old T-Shirts Into Room Decor – Wall Hanging and T-Shirt Pillow DIYs

We are so close to completing Kendall’s bedroom, which would make 2 rooms completely done in 6 months since moving in. I predict weView full post »


7 Times Leyna Could Not Even With Us On Our Vacation

I swear I’ll be back here soon with an actual re-cap of our super awesome cruise last week, but for now, this will have to keep yourView full post »


How To Wean Your 4 Year Old From Her Paci

After years trapped in a love/hate relationship with, selling my soul to the pacifier, we are done! Like, just in the last week. Not forView full post »


Bringing Home Baby? Here Are Some Tips

Bringing home baby soon? Well, first of all, CONGRATS! Now, let’s talk life. With a baby. A BABY… IN YOUR HOUSE… CAN YOUView full post »


The Zones Of A Filthy Family Car

In some ways, I consider myself a bit of a parenting social scientist, making observations about life with 3 children. In today’sView full post »


He’s Only 7

“We just have to remember, he’s so young still. He’s only 7.” I say stuff like that to Scott a lot. We are bothView full post »


What Doctors Want You To Know About Potty Training {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is here today with potty-traning advice she got in a class, based on advice from the AAP, that she took at aView full post »


The Picture Is A Lie, But The Clothes Are Legit

This is the homepage of MYHABIT today. Don’t you want to hate me right now? I want to hate me right now. Posing in our matchingView full post »


My Mother’s Dream Came To Life And You Can Stay There

My mother’s dream, for as long as I can remember, has been to open a lovely little resort, a B&B, some place she could put herView full post »


My 2015 Mother’s Day Gift List

Every year, I intend to put something  like this together. I always forget until, like, the day before Mother’s Day, though. IView full post »


The Official 2015 Bluebonnet Post- Because That’s A Thing

After years of anguish (see here and here), it seems Leyna has finally come to terms with the reality that is the field of bluebonnetsView full post »


If You’re Living Without A Waffle Maker, I’m Sad For You

Somethings literally change your life for the better. I think we can all agree that cans of cinnamon rolls are one of them because I triedView full post »


When Life Hands You Lemons in a Bluebonnet Field + A Ninja Husband

Somedays I don’t know why he puts up with me. He knows now that when I say it’s time for our annual torture fest- pictures inView full post »


I Want To Give You Some Bluebonnets

I never really thought I was attached to Texas when I lived here the first time (actually 2nd time, I couldn’t really remember beingView full post »


Laundry Has Some Nerve

I had so much fun teaming up with all free clear on this sponsored post, taking my aggression out on laundry. I’m pretty sureView full post »


9 Times Leyna Just Could Not With Me And My Camera

Every now and then someone will question or comment about why I don’t write and share more about Leyna. Listen, I promise she’sView full post »


Time Lapse Video Could Not Be Easier With This App

Blinkbuggy, an app I’ve written about before and love, is launching a rad new feature soon, and they’ve sponsored this post soView full post »


Happy National Siblings Day!

ISeeMe Books has teamed up with me to celebrate National Siblings Day by sponsoring this post! They are giving away books and a sentimentalView full post »


Oh Please, Get Over This Myth

Myth: Feeding your baby is for bonding and turning off life, looking into their eyes, and devoting all your attention to them while youView full post »


How To Prepare For & Conduct A Business Call At Home With Children

11:30 prepare lunch 11:45 make sure nobody needs to potty or a diaper change 11:50 turn on Thomas in the living room for one child 11:55View full post »


Instagram Picture Play In Snapseed

I get questions from time to time about how I edit my photos, both my DSLR ones (more coming soon!) AND the ones I post in Instagram that IView full post »


Almond Nutrition Coaching- Because Feeding Ourselves Is Confusing, Plus A Giveaway! {Contributor}

Stephanie Totty is contributing today, and talking about a super awesome service called Almond. It’s a virtural, personal nutritionView full post »


Avery & Austin and the #PerfectPlaydate Subscription Box

Here’s a fun thing I’m excited to share with y’all! You know how subscription boxes are filling up mail trucksView full post »


The Only Thing Preventing You From Being The Parent You Want To Be

“Are you the parent you want to be? If not, what’s stopping you?” I asked that on my Facebook page yesterday, and theView full post »


Easter Basket DIY & A Q&A For MYHABIT

When I was 16, I was selected to go to a weekend-long Rotary Youth leadership camp in San Antonio. I remember meeting one of my bunk matesView full post »


Things Toddlers Don’t Understand

1. Why do the bananas break? WHY?! 2. How to sit on mom’s lap and yet also play with a toy on the other side of the room. At theView full post »


Hello Kitty Inspired Wreath Tutorial

We have a serious obsession with all things “cat cat” around here, and have since long before Leyna turned 2. Actually, thisView full post »


Spray Paint Grapevine Wreaths For A Modern Update

If you’ve been around long enough, you know that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with wreaths. Like this one, and this one,View full post »


Tips To Keep a 365 Photo Project From Becoming A Chore {Contributor}

Suzanne is blowing my mind with her 365 photo project. She’s making it look so easy that I asked her to write about it for me… I meanView full post »


A Calculated Kind Of Smart (And A First Haircut)

When our dog Bruno had to wear the cone of shame for any reason (and there were many), he would just… sit there. Motionless. Shifty eyes. IView full post »


The Evolution Of My Diaper Bag

With my first baby, I was that mom, the Martyr MacGyver with the Mary Poppins Diaper Bag. I had it all. I was prepared for anything.View full post »


Manual Shooting Made Easy(ish)

I truly believe the (not so) secret to getting images that WOW from your DSLR camera is to force yourself to learn how to shoot in manual.View full post »


The Hat

I got it for him the Christmas before? After? we got married. It was $15 at H&M. It was an afterthought. A random thing I picked up soView full post »


One Day You’ll Realize They Were The Big Things

Before he could do much other than lay there and look at me with big eyes swallowed up by even bigger cheeks, back when he stayed in theView full post »


The Whole 30 Made Me Gain Weight, I Don’t Regret It

I completed the Whole 30 by the beginning of February. It changed my life for the better. It also made me gain weight. Yeah…. after 30 daysView full post »


How To Drink Like A Grown Up- A Video!

This is BIG! This has nothing to do with babies or kids or potty training or crafts. It’s totally out of the box for me, but IView full post »