Our Family Through Another Lens- Kelly White Photography, Dallas, TX

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the other side of the camera without the added stress of trying to direct my husband to get the shots that I have in mind. So when photographer Kelly White reached out to me to see if she could get some pictures of our family for her portfolio, I pounced on the opportunity. A chance to have the WHOLE family in a shot with no tripod or shutterView full post »

Can I Get A Round Of Applause? I Didn’t Eat Any Sand On Vacation, But I Really Wanted To

I hoped that I’d get through this pregnancy and be able to tell you all, “Best news! I didn’t want to eat sand or rocks once!” But here I am, wishing we hadn’t dumped all the sand out of the sandbox. Then again, it’s for the best because you can see into our backyard from the school, and people may see me out there with a spoon, shoveling sand into my mouth.View full post »

Share This Video With All The Moms In Your Life Because They Just Might Need To See It – Postpartum Progress PSA

I saw some pictures come up in my Timehop app last week, and I caught my breath. There was a photo of the Pantages theater in Los Angeles. I was there for a media event, and I spent the entire symphony trying to convince myself nobody was going to push me over the edge of the balcony from 6 rows back. Then a photo of me holding my then 10 month old daughter. I had a bruise on the front of my legView full post »

My Trick For Easing Mom Guilt While I Work | BabyRabies.com

My Trick For Easing Mom Guilt While I Work

I guess it’s the hormones, but I’ve been feeling extra sentimental lately. And for the first time, really, I’m getting sad about the passage of time, especially when it comes to my oldest. I’ve never been one to be super… sad about it. I get longing for the baby days sometimes, but it’s never hit me like this. I think just knowing that I’m going to have aView full post »

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