Simple & Sweet Valentine’s Day – A Video & Tutorial

Wow, you guys. This week. Ooph. So Scott was traveling, and I know- I KNOW- that I can never ever count on weeks he’s gone as productive ones, but I just wanted to get ONE project done. Just one. Just this one. I shot this on Tuesday. Shortly after, Lowell caught a stomach virus, and it was all downhill from there. No sleep. Mess everywhere. I couldn’t keep up. (I shared thisView full post »

A Few Things – As Seen On My Instagram

If I ever got around to blogging all the stuff I say I’m going to blog about, I’d be way better at blogging. So much gets a quick picture up over on my Instagram – @BabyRabies- and then is forgotten about because it’s hard to blog and potty train a toddler AND keep a toddler from lighting chicken nuggets on fire in the microwave AND aim for publicly acceptable hygiene atView full post »

Exercise & Poop & Procrastination

All morning I’ve been putting off blogging. I don’t know why, mostly because I was really comfy on my couch and I felt uninspired and I did try to clean the house. But then I got my reminder to fit in a workout before I pick the kids up, so now I’m procrastinating on THAT, and suddenly I feel like I should blog. Speaking of working out, I am trying out Freeletics (that is myView full post »

Entering The Puddle Zone

Here’s some toddlerhood for you, from the bruised legs (we don’t beat him, I swear!) to the messy face, and the fresh haircut. It looks less like a bowl cut in real life, I think. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed this age (2.5) so much. Mostly because I was quite pregnant at this point with the last two and probably just napped through it. You’d think NOT gestatingView full post »

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