My Cloth Diaper Plan For Baby #4

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged about how we plan to use cloth diapers on here. I have some really old posts in my archives from when I first cloth diapered my oldest- EIGHT YEARS AGO. Holy cow. In some ways, a lot has changed, but what hasn’t changed is that I’m STILL using bumGenius diapers by Cotton Babies. So it’s super exciting that this year they areView full post »

On Knowing That I’m Done Having Babies

So many people said to me, “You’ll just know. You’ll know when your family is complete.” And the last time I was pregnant, I was willing myself to know, but it never felt final. I mean, of course, I said I was done because, well, 3 was the plan. That was the agreed upon number, that’s what I had envisioned and committed to. My brain was on board with 3, my heart wasView full post »

Keep Your Errands From Running Errant- A Must Have App For All Busy People

Tomorrow is December! AHHHHHHHH!!!! via GIPHY It’s fine. I’m fine. Only a million things to do between now and Christmas. WAIT. I MEAN BEFORE I HAVE A BABY WHO IS DUE ON THE 16TH. I don’t even get until the 25th! I’m working with Allstate on this post to tell you all about their incredible new free app that has been helping me manage my chaos lately.  So you know whenView full post »

5 Things I’m Loving This Cyber Monday

The turkey is officially all gone at our house, thanks to a giant pot of turkey soup I made for dinner last night. (It’s just chicken soup, but with turkey because I am super creative.)  The trees are up. The toddler is sneaking candy canes every chance he gets. Joy! Merry! Bring on the holidays! So while I’m in holiday prep/nesting mode, I thought I’d share a few thingsView full post »

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