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Big Impact, Little Cost: Display life’s little moments on a clipboard wall

This home has considerably more wall space than our last one, which is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. On oneView full post »


How Old Is Your Baby?

I used to be able to answer the question, “How old is your baby?” with such precision. It seemed…View full post »


“Helping Hands” DIY Handprint Gift

Fathers Day is less than 48 hours away, so naturally I just finished the DIY project with the kids I’ve beenView full post »


Tame Your Kid’s Clutter! DIY Rubber Band Memo Board

This is the year of the organized me! Or, the *trying to GET* organized me, at least. It’s a work in progress.View full post »


Mommy Truth: Stop Exerting Excessive Force, Dude

If you’ll excuse me, I must get back to doing the dishes. htmlView full post »


What Doctors Want You To Know About Potty Training {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is here today with potty-traning advice she got in a class, based on advice from the AAP, thatView full post »


Crazy Easy Last Minute Flag Shirt

If you’re into that thing where you make cutesy matchy holiday shirts for your kids, this is for you. IfView full post »


Tips For Packing For Disney World

I probably stressed more about packing for this trip than any other trip I’ve taken. I’m glad I put aView full post »


Poor Second-Born

When Scott, Kendall, my in-laws and I all started singing Happy Birthday to her after dinner last night, Leyna was veryView full post »


Glue Resist Fabric Painting- DIY Tutorial

Awww, yeah. It’s crafty time! Y’all, I am so freaking excited because the fact that I not only bloggedView full post »


Don’t Fight The Change

Before I had kids, I would always declare, “Having kids isn’t going to change me.”  I guess back thenView full post »


I Knew I Needed Help When… #PostpartumAnxiety

I’ve had some time since I last told you all about my postpartum anxiety diagnosis. I’ve been on medicationView full post »


Puppy Themed 1st Birthday Party

A huge thanks to Minted for sponsoring Lowell’s birthday party and this post! Lowell is always happy. His openView full post »


In Search Of Not-A-Minivan – The 2012 Honda Pilot Review

If you drive a minivan, please don’t take it personally. I do not judge you. I believe you when you say you loveView full post »


One Day You’ll Realize They Were The Big Things

Before he could do much other than lay there and look at me with big eyes swallowed up by even bigger cheeks, back whenView full post »

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