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17 Times This Toddler Has Lived It Up #LoLoYOLO

I’m channeling my  click bait curating talents today for a post that is guaranteed to make you smile. If #13View full post »


A Refreshed Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

Remember that one time I told you all if I had a little girl, she’d wear pillowcase dresses?  I dug through myView full post »


Bluebonnets 2014

We live in Texas. It’s bluebonnet season. I’m a photographer. I have children. This is inevitable.View full post »


Leftover PEEPS Recipes

Okay, I know.. I know.. Easter is far behind us. Nobody actually has leftover Easter candy hanging around at thisView full post »


Dye-Free Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

I pretty much despise dying Easter eggs. It never goes well for me, especially now that my kids are old enough toView full post »


PEEPS! Put ‘Em On Your Fireplace

PEEPS! Love ‘em or hate ‘em- fresh or stale (officially Team Fresh PEEPS, BTW) they are pretty versatile.View full post »


Easter Idea Roundup

We’re just about a week out from Easter, and the excitement is building around here. Peek-a-who sent meView full post »


Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas

I’m prepping for a weekend of my kids on crack. And by crack, of course, I mean sugar. It’s really beyondView full post »


We’re Not Going To Get It All Done, And That’s Cool {Contributor}

Stephanie Totty is contributing today, and I LOVE this message. It’s certainly a great reminder for me right now.View full post »


The Circle Of Life

“When you’re deaded, and you go to heaven, can you see?” “Yeah, buddy. I thinkView full post »


So You Want To Be A Blogger? Here’s How To Get Rich

You tell me you think you want to start blogging, and I’m really excited for you! Blogging can make you rich,View full post »


“Kids Live Here” Home Design

My kids may ruin a lot of things, like my ability to ever wear anything white, but they definitely have not ruined ourView full post »


Diaper Wall Organization- A Red Barn Blog Tutorial

My February post for the Red Barn Blog’s Decor & Cool Spaces column is up. Check out how I turned someView full post »


I Love These Pants For My Crawling Baby

Lowell is officially on the move. Fastest little crawler this side of the Rio Grande. Up on all fours, moving with aView full post »


Low Budget Brass Bathroom Update

Anyone who’s ever watched an hour of HGTV in their life knows that master bathrooms and kitchens are usuallyView full post »


Let It Grow

Texas peaches sprout on their own from a compost pile. The case for letting “weeds” grow.View full post »

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