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The Ingredients To Grow- Teacher Appreciation DIY

It’s Teacher Appreciation week, and while we do appreciate Kendall’s teacher SO very much, I find theView full post »


He Is The Grit The Wears Us In

“So, did you bring any electronics?” Kendall asked as he hoped up on the exam table after the nurse leftView full post »


I Want To Be Strong- On Body Image After Anxiety

Fighting to get stronger, mentally and physically, and silencing that voice in my head that longs for a skinny, illView full post »


Let It Be, And Let Him Nom An Avocado

Dinnertime chaos swirled around. We brushed aside the kids homework and sheets of stickers. Crayons rolledView full post »


Notes To The Babysitter- Video

I made a magical discovery this week while excavating the wonder that is our home office. Under piles of files, IView full post »


The Case Of The Sinking Baby Belly

I don’t know that the way I’m carrying this baby has much to do with what gender he/she is. After lookingView full post »


Easy, Cheap, DIY Padded Play Cube

When Lowell, my 10 month old, started pulling up a couple months ago, I realized we didn’t have many toys that heView full post »


The Last Minute Birthday Success- A Party At Michaels Craft Store

Kendall has recently found a love for birds. So much so that he asks me to do things like look up what a bluejay soundsView full post »


The Heart Wall Tutorial- How To Get Crisp Stencils On Textured Walls

I’ve been itching to get the kids rooms done since the day we moved in. The way my brain works, it’s likeView full post »


DIY: Getting Your Kids’ Art on Canvas

My Decor & Cool Spaces post for this month is up over on the Red Barn Blog! This time I took on the challenge ofView full post »


A Letter To My 51 Year Old Self- A Listen To Your Mother Reading

Back in May, I had the honor of being on the 2013 Listen To Your Mother, Austin cast. I joined 13 other women and oneView full post »


The Big CoolSculpting Reveal

Excuse me while I puke from anxiety. You guys? I have never, ever, ever liked showing my stomach in the company ofView full post »


A Place For Everything- Even Essential Oils

In my dream world, in my dream house, I am a hyper-organized person. In my dream world, in my dream house, PopTartsView full post »


The Big Bedroom Makeover Giveaway!

I had SO much fun re-doing our wretched master bedroom this month. Okay, maybe it wasn’t “fun” whileView full post »

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