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A Love Letter To My Toddler

Dear daughter, I will always love you. Even when you’re knee deep in the shitter. I may, however, request thatView full post »


Leftover PEEPS Recipes

Okay, I know.. I know.. Easter is far behind us. Nobody actually has leftover Easter candy hanging around at thisView full post »


Dye-Free Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

I pretty much despise dying Easter eggs. It never goes well for me, especially now that my kids are old enough toView full post »


Breastfeeding a Toddler- I’m A Little Over It

Freaking breastfeeding. Why’s it always got to be so stupid emotional? Before I had babies, I could. not.View full post »


LoLo’s Puppy Nursery – Room Reveal

There is one whole room in our house finally complete! I think I’m just going to live in it, and never leave it.View full post »


We Have Enough Dirty Dishes In This House

At the end of the day, our little family of 4 (only 3 of which drink out of glasses) amasses something like 15 dirtyView full post »


Easter Idea Roundup

We’re just about a week out from Easter, and the excitement is building around here. Peek-a-who sent meView full post »


Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas

I’m prepping for a weekend of my kids on crack. And by crack, of course, I mean sugar. It’s really beyondView full post »


PEEPS! Put ‘Em On Your Fireplace

PEEPS! Love ‘em or hate ‘em- fresh or stale (officially Team Fresh PEEPS, BTW) they are pretty versatile.View full post »


What I Had Wrong About Public School Kindergarten

The first couple weeks of kindergarten for my oldest last August were brutal. For all of us. He spent mornings –View full post »


Notes To The Babysitter- Video

I made a magical discovery this week while excavating the wonder that is our home office. Under piles of files, IView full post »


Welcome To Our New Home! Unpack A Box Or Two, Will Ya?

Target offered to sponsor a post about our new house, to which I was like, YES, obviously. Because I will basicallyView full post »


The Cloth Crib Rail Cover

Since posting my Day In Our Ordinary Life post, I’ve received quite a few emails and comments, asking where I gotView full post »


Mommy Truth: Why I Really Invite You Over

Though, be sure I won’t be shining my trashcan or sterilizing the toys for you. I already took the PlaydateView full post »


Tell Me How Beautiful It Is To Watch Them Fly

I’m holding 3 tiny hands, alternating walking with sometimes sprinting and rare moments of complete stillness. OnView full post »


DIY Dog Bed from Upcycled Crib Mattress

Have a spare crib mattress laying around?  A lot of parents do once their final baby graduates from the toddler bed, soView full post »

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