Crazy Things That Make Pregnant Women Cry

Earlier this summer, back in my lat 1st tri when my hormones were surging and my food aversions were on blast, I asked my Facebook page what were some of the craziest things they’ve ever cried over while pregnant, mostly looking for solidarity because I was an emotional nightmare. At the time, my husband had committed many crimes against pregnant hormones, including coming home with aView full post »

Tomorrow Is Just The Beginning Of The Next 3 Months, OMG

There were a few weeks when I felt like, “Okay, this is the 2nd tri bliss. This is the time to get shit done. You got this. You can handle this.” And I guess I was thinking it would stick around a bit longer, because I didn’t take advantage of it nearly enough. Many regrets. Much messy house. Gradually, my body started to revolt. First, it was like, “Oh, it is…View full post »

What (Not) To Say To A Pregnant Woman

The guy walked up to me with a look of importance, like whatever he was going to say or ask had been thought out. “When are you due?” It was nearly a demand. I mean, I don’t mind sharing my due date, but people aren’t entitled to it, you know? “Mid December,” I replied quickly and turned around. Then, with a tone of superiority, and certainly pleasure that heView full post »

Our Family’s Soundtrack Sounds Better With Beat Bugs

Most days, our family’s soundtrack is less melodic and more escaped-zoo-monkeys meets low-rate internet jingles, with a dash of clanging pots and pans. As a family of 5 (going on 6), there are a lot of different interests competing with each other, and nobody seems to want to watch or listen to the same thing at the same time. Enter Beat Bugs. The day I saw the trailer for Beat Bugs, I wasView full post »

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