5 Months With The Owlet Smart Sock- A Game Changer

A couple months before Wallace was born, I asked “Can this baby monitor change the game with our 4th baby?” about the Owlet Smart Sock. I’m back for an update! Wallace just turned 5 months old, and I’m here to tell you the Owlet is, indeed, a game changer. Owlet is sponsoring this post.  To refresh your memory, the Owlet Smart Sock uses technology called pulse oximetry toView full post »

There Are No Perfect Moms, Only Real Moms

I cried happy tears when I saw this video on Facebook last month. It was created by Baby Dove to celebrate #RealMoms and I adore how they really went there, embracing a broad spectrum of motherhood. This post is sponsored by Baby Dove, which is so rad because I really love and value their message.You probably recognize Baby Dove as a branch of THE Dove brand- the beauty care product brand thatView full post »

My Baby Is A Real Baby Now

Is it because I’ve been through this enough now that I can sense these shifts? I can look at him and just feel and know that he’s grown. Not just that he’s bigger, and boy is he bigger- filling out 12 month outfits that finally let me buy both his and Lowell’s clothes from the same section so ALL THE MATCHING will be happening. I can tell that he recognizes new things. IView full post »

Tips For The End Of The School Year

This post is written in partnership with Sylvan Learning. It’s warmer outside, the days are getting longer, swimsuits are hanging on the end caps of our favorite stores, and we can’t remember the last time we signed a homework folder. Yes, summer is approaching! As much as we’d like to give up all things school related, dropping them like bento lunches in early October, we mustView full post »

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