A Puppy Update, Mostly In Pictures

A little Arlo & Rosie update for you… As we hoped (hooray!) they are best buds. It’s hilarious to watch them play together. I’ve posted some videos on the @ArloandRosie IG account. Rosie is definitely “the boss,” despite weighing probably 1/12th of what he does. We could not ask for a better fit when it comes to her personality blending well with not onlyView full post »

Keep Them Talking

Keep them talking. I don’t feel confident about much when it comes to parenthood, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s one of the most important parts. Keep. Them. Talking. In fact, it’s the basis of the #TalkEarly campaign for Responsiblity.org, who is sponsoring this post. Granted, it’s pretty easy now. The kids are fountains of words somedays- tinyView full post »

They Grew So Fast, But Not A Minute Too Soon This Year – Back To School

You know how the weeks leading up to having a baby you’re just so done that you’re ready- eager, even- to endure the pain, the pushing, the sleepless nights, the bloody nipples? Just GET. THE. BABY. OUT. The last few weeks have been like that, but not in regards to the baby- I’m happy to keep him in much longer. No, I just became so over and done with having my kids home for theView full post »

Our Colic Survival Plan, Based On Experience

I’m 23 weeks pregnant. In 18ish weeks, there’s going to be another baby living here. I guess it’s time to, like, start getting ready? With the help of Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water, I’m stocking up on the most important things for those first few weeks and sharing some colic survival tips with you in this sponsored post.  Preparing for our 4th baby is quite differentView full post »

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