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10 Things People Who Fly With Small Children Will Totally Understand {contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is back today, breaking down the realities of flying with small kids. Y’all, I haveView full post »


My 4 Year Photography Journey

This is one of the last pictures I took with our old point and shoot camera, about 4 years ago, right before I receivedView full post »


Let Us Sing You The Song Of Our People

Many things have changed from my first pregnancy to my 3rd. I eat sushi and drink coffee now. I started wearingView full post »


Gender Surprise- Did My Doctor And Tech Ruin It?

I’ve wanted to hold off, to be surprised by the sex of this baby. We managed to make it  through 2 ultrasoundsView full post »


Books I Hide From My Children

I love reading to my kids. I love that my kids love that I read to them. I, generally, love children’sView full post »


Tutorial: Organize With Chalkboard Paint

This tutorial is sponsored by Lullaby Paints. The idea is my own (and I’m really excited to share it with you),View full post »


Leyna’s Birth Story

It’s hard to know where to start with this one. I mean, with Kendall I knew the moment I went into real labor. IView full post »


DIY Dog Bed from Upcycled Crib Mattress

Have a spare crib mattress laying around?  A lot of parents do once their final baby graduates from the toddler bed, soView full post »


Parenting Is a Human Experience

I teared up when I read my friend’s status update on Facebook yesterday…  knowing how much Miranda hasView full post »


2 Boys Worth Of Stuff Into One Closet

The plan was to be living in a bigger house by now. It was to sell this house, and buy or build something with moreView full post »


Tame Your Kid’s Clutter! DIY Rubber Band Memo Board

This is the year of the organized me! Or, the *trying to GET* organized me, at least. It’s a work in progress.View full post »


SECRET Kids Kitchen Chalkboard Tutorial for Red Barn Blog

I am SO excited to finally make the official announcement that I’m the Decor & Cool Spaces contributor to theView full post »


DIY Chalkboard Art Display Tutorial

We’re only a couple weeks into the school year, and Kendall’s pre-k artwork is already starting to pileView full post »