A Tested & Approved Way To Keep Kids Safe In Parking Lots

When I reached out to Julie Forbes about trying out the Parking Pal for this sponsored post, she told me she’d already been using them for months. Y’all know I love when we get to work with brands that we already know and love. I think a lot of you are going to 1. totally relate to the humor of this and 2. find yourself wondering if this might be a good solution for you. I love whenView full post »

They Paved Paradise And They’re Putting Up a Parking Lot and A 7-11 – The End of Bluebonnet Hill

R.I.P. Bluebonnet Hill. As of today, it’s totally leveled. The developers think a 7-11 is what we need. Never mind that we have a Walmart and a gas station literally across the street. The people need Slurpees, I suppose. A photo posted by Jill Krause (@babyrabies) on Mar 23, 2016 at 6:53pm PDT If you’ve been reading for more than a year, you know that Bluebonnet Hill is one ofView full post »

24 Hours With Cloth Diapers {Contributor}

I have loved cloth diapers since I had my first baby nearly 8 (!!) years ago, and I’m so stoked contributor Suzanne Davis of BeBehBlog.com joined this year’s Make Cloth Mainstream challenge! This is a super awesome peek into a day in the life for those of you who are curious about cloth diapers and how it may work for your family. ****************************** This April, as part ofView full post »

I Survived The Destruction Of Texas

“Mom, so glad you took these pictures! I’m going to use them in my book I Survived The Destruction Of Texas.” – Kendall, 7.5 Did you hear about the destruction of Texas? Or at least that giant hail storm- like literally GIANT HAIL the size of softballs. I heard it made national news. Well, this is what it looked like as it approached us. I did a little bit of editing onView full post »

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