Travelling with a baby, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, can seem daunting- but it doesn’t have to be!

We asked our Facebook community to share their best tips for travelling with young kids and their advice might just help you navigate your next trip a little more smoothly.

15 Tips For Travelling With A Baby

“Pack a full first aid kit, with every medicine you’ve ever used.”

“Use painters tape to muffle the sound on your kiddo’s favorite talking/music making toy.”

“Grab a couple of cheapy toys and only bring them out when you can see kiddo is starting to lose it, the novelty keeps them interested for longer than an old toy does.”

“Know that if your baby or toddler melts down, it’s ok! People will be people, but hopefully you’ll get some ‘been there, done that, I feel you’ looks from other moms.”

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“FedEx things to your hotel to not have to deal with packing and traveling with them. We would FedEx 2Day a box there filled with diapers, wipes, first aid, clothes, and whatever we thought we needed. It would usually be in our room at check in or they would bring it right up to us. Then on the way back we would send a box back ground to home, because it didn’t matter how long it took to get back to us. And we wouldn’t be sending some things back like wipes and diapers so we would use that room for souvenirs.”

“Not for a tiny baby but for a little older baby, squishy window clings (they usually have them around the holidays and I stock up) are a life saver on an airplane. You can stick them to the airplane window and they provide hours of fun! To be honest my older kiddos still love playing with them too!”

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“Babywear. Way easier for us than lugging a stroller.”

“Pack and then pare down twice – you are going to have to carry all of that stuff at some point, probably while chasing toddlers sprinting opposite directions.”

“Pack more diapers than you think you’ll need.”

“If you have to pack light so you can’t take a lot of clothes but are staying at a hotel, pack a few small squeeze bottles of detergent. If you get spit up on or have a blow out, you can use that to hand wash through hot water, then hang dry over the air conditioner or request a fan from the front desk. By the next morning, the outfit will be ready to wear again!”

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“Snacks, so many snacks. And ship snacks to your hotel- we use Amazon Pantry. Cheaper than hotel vending machine snacks.”

“Bring plastic bags and extra clothes for everyone.”

“All. The. Stickers. ALLLLL OF THEM!”

Go-Go Babyz were great for the airport!”

“Slow and steady wins the race. Make sure to allow yourself a lot of time to get where you are going.”

Love that last one! You can’t rush anything with a baby- not their birth, not their first steps, and definitely not getting through an airport. 😉 But it’s ok! Hopefully you can take a few of these ideas with you on your next trip. You’re not alone, mama!

What baby travel tips have worked for you? Add them below in the comments!

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  1. If we cannot get seats together I always take the odd one out and my favorites have been with single moms and babes. Is there anything more golden than making a baby laugh? If people don’t take the opportunity , their loss. I will take being covered in teething biscuit crumbs with giggles ringing in my ears over any other seat mate ever. ( long story short:not everyone is going to dread being seated next to you and if we all pitch in it is a win win, really how hard is it to play peek-a-boo?)

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