Pregnancy cravings are one of those things that seem 100% delicious and satisfying in the moment, but once baby arrives, we start to question why on earth we wanted to eat pear slices dipped in horseradish.

We asked our Facebook community to share some of their pregnancy cravings and here’s what they had to say!

13 Cravings That Make Perfect Sense When You're Pregnant

“Mint ice cream with cinnamon toast crunch on it. So weird… So good.”

“The sour stuff off of sweet and sour kids but not the actual sour patch kid.”

“I dipped Oreos in salsa. If I didn’t have Oreos I would dip saltines in salsa and put chocolate chips on top.”

“Paper. The regular, lined, 3ring binder stuff was best… but in a pinch a post it note would do.”

“Fruit and ice water in my metal canteen with a rock in it.”

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“Birthday cake and river sand. I have killed several birthday cakes. I haven’t given into the sand.”

“Watermelon and olives… together… in a bowl.”

“I craved the smell of eucalyptus and menthol or glass cleaner. I bought mentholated bath salts just to open the lid and smell them. I would cry if anyone actually used them.”

“Mott’s fruit gummy snacks. 4-6 pouches in a sitting, several sittings a day. And it better not be any other brand.”

“Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches. Every meal. Even Thanksgiving dinner.”

“I craved vinegar so bad with my son. I swear I could have drank it right out of the bottle.”

“Gingerbread cookies with french onion dip.”

“Hot wings and a bowl of Froot Loops in milk… eaten together.”

Is it weird that I’m hungry now? 😉 If you shared any of these pregnancy cravings, comment below!

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  1. Totally pregnant right now and I have the vinegar craving in the worst way! Definitely could just drink it straight up

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