It’s 2018, so we like to use letterboards for just about everything, including telling the world our baby news!

Not going to lie, we kinda love this trend and we hope it sticks around for a bit. If you’re looking for some ideas to use when YOU share your pregnancy announcement, keep scrolling- we’re sharing 10 of our favorites below!

Letterboard Pregnancy Announcements

How fun are these two? Parenting definitely requires a sense of humor, so these guys will do just fine. (via @deidreemme)

Those tiny little TOMS… cute! (via @jessie.johnson21)

This stylish couple opted for a love story vibe and they nailed it. (via @kupfer.herz)

And the party’s just getting started! (via @jmariekearney)

Follow through to their IG to read the full story. So good!! (via @jamielynndorr)

For the FRIENDS fans in the crowd, of course. (via @mrs.b.m.w)

Loving the colors here… gorgeous! (via @shauna610)

That reaction! Surprise! (via @stylegraceandlace)

They’re not wrong! (via @bubblydesignco)

“Wait. What does that sign say??” (via @drewbrandy)

No matter how you shared your news, if you’re expecting right now, congratulations! And if you’re on the hunt for a letterboard, we found these ones on Amazon.

This post contains affiliate links. Feature image via @deidreemme.

10 Awesome Letterboard Pregnancy Announcements

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Letter Board Ideas for Pregnancy and Babies

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  1. I’m really torn between loving the idea and my heart breaking a little that moms still feel pressure to hide their pregnancy news for 3 months. The stigma of keeping loss a secret is painfully prevalent and I hope this can be changed.

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