When I was pregnant with Kendall, our first, I imagined he’d be born looking like a literal miniature of Scott. Instead he looked like… well, we weren’t quite sure, but definitely not like Scott. Then he got super chubby as a baby and it was hard to tell what he looked like other than the Michelin Man.

Leyna, our 2nd, came out looking SO MUCH like… my sister. To this day, she still resembles her more than me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the smirk.

But then there was Lowell. There is no mistaking Lowell is Scott’s. I think it’s serendipitous that we gave him “Scott” for a middle name. Lowell loves to tell us, “I am a SCOTT. KRAUSE. I am a LoLo Scott Krause.”

In case it’s not totally obvious, that’s Scott on the left. 3 of his 5 brothers (and none of his 2 sisters) are on the right.

I was getting used to never having anyone say, “Wow, that baby looks JUST like you.” But then along came Wallace.

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I get a lot of comments about how Wallace looks just like me, so I thought it might be fun to put together whole post of our community and their mini-mes.

Last month, I asked our Facebook page audience to share their mini-me photos and man did you deliver!

Mini-Me Jill

It was SO hard to choose which photos to include in this post, but if you’re craving more, you can still see the rest on this Facebook post.

Onto the pics!

Michelle: Me on left in 1983. Youngest daughter on right in 2016.

Joelle: Not me and one of my kiddos, but me and my Mom. She’s been gone 11 years. I can’t wait to compare it to my daughter’s first grade pictures when they get old enough.

Amanda: My son and husband are twins (minus the beard haha) and my daughter is a miniature version of me!

Leah: My hubby Mike and our oldest daughter Lil when she was a wee babe.

Brooke: Me & my daughter last month… it’s funny because I don’t think she looks anything like me when I was a child, but she is definitely my mini-me!

Jamie: My husband and our youngest kiddo… only son!

Natalie: Me on the left, my son on the right.

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Kacey: My husband and our daughter.

Erika: Me when I was 3, and my daughter at 2.5 years old.

Nichole: Not me, but my mom and my youngest daughter.

Kayla: My husband on the left, my son on the right.

Vi: My hubs on the left, our youngest daughter on the right.

Vanessa: Her eyes are brown and mine are blue but otherwise she’s my mini-me!

Maigan: Me in 1982, Charlotte in 2016

Now, if you’re sad because you don’t yet have a baby who looks like you, don’t fret! Maybe you just need to have more babies! Only took me 4.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their snapshots! If you’re dying to see more, head over to Facebook and keep scrolling through the comments.

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  • Just one day. I'll take it. ☣️
  • This @deuter child carrier was Wallace’s 1st birthday gift. JUST this. It was that $$. We’ve used it for almost 6 months now, and we have a YouTube video up today reviewing it! Link in bio. Come see our fav features, how it’s holding up, and lots of Wallace’s smiles. (He LOVES it.)
  • Sorry not sorry.
  • I was not a Barbie girl growing up, but Barbie isn’t who she used to be. Leyna’s first Barbie was a curvy body doll with pink hair and a Hello Kitty dress, put in her Easter basket this year because she played with Barbies for hours at her grandma’s weeks before. Right around that time, I got an email asking me to join the Barbie Global Advisory Council. The universe never fails to delight me with its timing! ☺️ I sat in on a meeting a couple weeks ago at the Mattel and Barbie HQ, and I felt PROUD. Proud to be invited to be a part of such an influential group of people who are not afraid to tell the Barbie team what we really think, what we feel needs to change to progress the brand forward. And proud to be working with a brand who cares! It is rare that a brand ever openly invites feedback like this, and it’s honestly refreshing. I’m not getting paid to post this, nor is it a requirement of my compensated seat on the council. I’m simply really thrilled to be a part of this. They insisted on sending this Barbie RV to Leyna (along with a few more dolls). This picture isn’t entirely true to life- because most of the time she is playing with this along with Lowell and Wallace. 😍
  • Tiny beachcomber. #wallaceaustin
  • Signing for “more” WHILE he’s eating. Oinker. 🐽#mothernurturemothernature
  • So many of you have asked me how I’m managing #postpartumanxiety on the road while we travel fulltime this year! I got really real and vulnerable in our newest @happy.loud.life video, and shared so much, including what red flag finally made me get help (spoiler alert: it’s something not many talk about), and how I feel about the assumption that nature is the best way to treat mental health issues. I hope it helps answer some questions. Link in bio.
  • "We're all just walking each other home..."⠀
I read this quote one beautiful summer day when I was on route to visit some family. It actually took my breath away because I felt like it was the very definition of what humanity was meant to be; us, taking each other's hands... and holding space for one another in this emotional adventure we call life.⠀
Sometimes it's hard to see it though.⠀
With too many headlines and anonymity and a world that often feels like a very scary place... it's hard to remember that we're all in this together.⠀
Until one night, it happens. A text comes through:⠀
"My water broken."⠀
"Contractions are happening."⠀
"We're on our way."⠀
I arrived and simply stood back in the corner while a miracle happened...⠀
One woman; whose life journey took an unexpected turn and left her unable to have children. But also left her with the undying desire to be a mother.⠀
One man; in equal pain... equal suffering... equally wanting to start a family with his wife.⠀
Another woman; who could carry their child and give them - quite possibly - one of the greatest gifts another human being could offer.⠀
And just like that, a child was born. Not in a world of "yours" or "mine"... but in a world of "us" and "ours". A child so loved. A child so desired. A child whose bonds will cross an ocean.⠀
That night, through tear soaked eyes, I had the immense privilege of documenting the most unique bond... the most incredible relationship... the most amazing gift;⠀
The humanity of walking each other home...⠀
Thank you so much to @gen_georget​ for allowing us to share her words and her incredible photo. Sometimes you see a picture and it hits you right in the heart, sticking with you forever. This is one of them.