This Girl Got The Target Birthday Part Of Her Dreams

Charlie loves Target.

Charlie, who recently celebrated her 3rd birthday, wasn’t totally sold on her mom’s idea for a Trolls theme for the big day.

Her choice? Target. And her mom, Emily, made it happen.

Target Birthday Party

There was a Target cake, red and white decorations, a whole cafe setup (including hot dogs and pizza, of course), and an amazing Dollar Spot recreation.

Target Birthday Party

Here’s what her mom had to say:

In the beginning of the year, I asked her what type of birthday party she wanted and she said Target. At first I was like “no that’s not a party, why don’t we do trolls?” But every time I asked, she always said Target party. I would have others ask her and she said the same response! So I finally decided to roll with it and ideas started popping in my head.

Out front we had the Target balloons to be the store front and then we had the cafe which had foods you would find at the actual cafe, Pizza Hut, popcorn and hot dogs! Then for party favors I made a Dollar Spot where the kids could go “shopping”. My local target was nice enough to give me check out bags and stickers!


Target Birthday Party

She also added: “Of course I didn’t get any good pics of the Dollar Spot before it was ransacked by the kids.”

We totally get it.

Target Birthday Party

Emily even had some custom invites done up by Paper Lane Designs on Etsy. How cute are these??

Target Birthday Party

Charlie LOVED the whole party. She sees the Target symbols I made and just got so excited. As far as going viral, I honestly never imagined that it would get this big! I was proud of myself for what I did with the party but family and friends were all amazed and told me to share with Target. I can’t help but think my pictures of this simple party took off and so many people across the country are commenting! It’s an awesome feeling!

The post that Emily shared with Target now has over 18k shares and 31k comments! The Target love runs strong. We just can’t deny it 😉

Target Birthday Party

Thanks again to Emily for sharing her story with Baby Rabies! You can follow her on Instagram.

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