My life is so bananas right now in so many ways that I can’t even explain just yet. One thing I can tell you is selling our house is twice as much work as it was last time. I think we really underestimated how hard it would be to get to the point we’re at, but we’re here! House is on the market, a few showings and an open house behind us. Fingers crossed, I think things are starting to come together.

Our House Is For Sale! And I Have A Gift For You | Our House Is For Sale! And I Have A Gift For You |

A couple Shoot2Sell listing pictures. I’ll blog more with lots of my own pictures soon! 

I’ve been using Gove Collaborative all summer to get boxes of cleaning supplies we need to get the house ready, along with all the sunscreen and bug spray it takes for a family of 6 to get through the summer.

They asked if I’d like to offer a super freaking sweet deal to my readers, and I excitedly said YES. I’m a Mrs. Meyers nut. The candles are my go-to simple hostess and birthday gift for my friends. I keep them stocked in the guest bathroom closet so I always have them on hand. Knowing my love for all things MM, they put together a package of MM stuff just for you guys!

Our House Is For Sale! And I Have A Gift For You | BabyRabies.comSo here’s the scoop:
New members get free shipping, free VIP trial membership, a free Grove Collaborative hand towel (it’s the best quality hand towel ever, you guys), free Mrs. Meyers candle, handsoap, and dish soap all in that apple cider scent, which is super festive- all of that with a $20 purchase.

They have a ton of fantastic stuff. I get my face moisturizer from them, and, as I mentioned, all the bug spray and sun screen for the whole family. There’s a ton to choose from.

Our House Is For Sale! And I Have A Gift For You |

Fingers crossed these lovelies help us sell this house! I love that the scents aren’t overpowering- something we try to avoid when luring potential buyers in.

Use this link if you’re a new Grove Collaborative customer to get the free MM products (and do so quickly because this is a limited time offer).

If you’re already hip to GC, you can still get some free walnut scrubbers in your next shipment by clicking here.

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