Are you creating a baby registry anytime soon? Did you already set one up over at after my last post about how AMAZING and easy it is to do so?

Okay, cool! Maybe you are totally confident in the stuff you’re putting on there, or maybe, like I was when I registered for my first baby, you are SUPER overwhelmed. Either way, I want to share 6 things I would totally put on a baby registry right this minute, in partnership with Target.

6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now | 

Why? Because my 4th baby is nearly 9 months old, and we are obsessed with these 5 things that we didn’t have with our other 3 babies- and 1 that we’ve always used and always loved. All of these can easily be added to your Target Baby Registry

  1. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym– This was Santa’s gift to Wallace when he was 4 days old. We used it so much! It’s really soft and sweet. I love the light, muted colors. Wallace took many naps on it.
    6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now |
  2. Love To Dream SwaddleUP- This swaddle helped us tremendously. We were able to keep Wallace swaddled much longer, and it gave him the freedom to move his arms just enough. He was always an arms-up sleeper, even in the womb! It’s the most natural position for him. The transition from swaddle to sleep sack with this was nearly painless.
    6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now |
  3. Pampers Swaddlers– We’ve used these with all 4 babies for the newborn stage. They are my very favorite newborn disposable diapers because they are soft and absorbent. None of our babies have ever had any kind of reaction to them. I know diapers aren’t as fun to register for, and you may even forget, but they are so important to have on hand, obviously. Target Baby Registry starts you off on the right diaper with size 1 Pampers added to your registry. Be sure to add plenty in all the other sizes you’ll need! I’m betting many experienced parents will gladly gift you a box, knowing what a useful gift they are.
    6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now |
  4. DockATot DeluxePlus– If you’ve followed me on Instagram since Wallace was born, you’ve seen our DAT in so many pictures. People ask me all the time if I think it’s worth it, and my answer is always “I WISH I HAD THIS FOR ALL 4.” Yes. I believe it’s worth it. It’s not an inexpensive item but would make a fantastic hostess gift at a baby shower. My sister, along with a few friends, recently gifted another friend one exactly that way.
    6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now |
  5. Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center– We have used this every day since he was 3 months old! Now he gets frustrated when we sit him in the seat because he’s on a mission to take years off my life and start walking ASAP. So we converted it to a table and he walks around the edge! It’s lightweight, packs up small, and versatile.
    6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now |
  6. Good Food Made Simple meals- Okay… I just heard that record scratch. WHAT? Yes, I know I just listed frozen food as something you should put on your baby registry. 1. You’re registering at Target, so you can totally add food to your registry! 2. I LOVE these frozen meals. They are yummy, and Target has a great variety. 3. It’s super easy for a bestie to fill up a cooler bag full of these and gift them to you so you can have simple, delicious food on hand after baby comes.
    6 Things I Would Totally Put On A Baby Registry Right Now |
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  2. I was so excited to try the swaddle up and it was a bust for Paige. Her hands too close to her face was a disaster! So she was back in our trusty old Halo sleep sack swaddle on day 2 of life ha. It is definitely a great idea bc one of my goals is to always make that transition easier but our girl needed her hands down! Now she’s a stomach sleeper who sucks her thumb and our transition ended up being super easy bc she just went to her stomach and popped in her thumb ha!

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