Specifically, MY 8 month old.

Friends, you read that right. That baby is EIGHT months old. EIGHT.

I continue to still not understand or grasp these time warps, even after- especially after- 4 babies.

With this one, I KNEW from the very beginning that he would grow so fast and that it would go fast and I would need to cherish, CHERISH EVERY MOMENT.

And you guys, I have. I really have. I have slowed down and done nothing but look at him and hold him in a dark room with the Great British Bake Off playing in the background for HOURS. I have just stared at him, and rocked him, and snuggled with him. I have done everything I can to drink in every drop of his pure baby joy.

But guess what? GUESS WHAT?! He. still. grew. too. fast. I would argue he grew even faster than the first one with the colic that I literally WILLED TO PLEASE GROW UP every single day of the first 6 months of his life.

And now here he is, planking on my stairs, not caring how much I cherished every single little moment.

Baby DGAF that I didn’t do dishes or laundry for 6 months. Baby DGAF that I pinched his little cheeks and blew zerberts on his belly every chance I got.

This baby- this EIGHT month old- only cares about ONE thing right now, and that is figuring out how to crawl so he can pull up so he can walk so he can run so he can catch his brothers and sister.

Nearly all the baby things he does we totally understand and knew to expect because 4th baby. But we have not ever had a baby that wakes at 3 or 4 am, ANGRY, not because he is hungry or needs a clean diaper or he’s cold or hot. He wakes with rage that he never shows during the day, and that only subsides when we take him into the living room, in the wee hours of IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. And he insists on being put down, sleep sack off, and practicing crawling.

You may recall that he was the baby that separated my ribs by practicing his leg stretches and planks in utero, so basically he’s been waiting for this day his actual whole life.

He will not be stopped by a silly thing like sleep.

I never used the Wonder Weeks app with any of the others, but it’s one of my very favorite baby apps this time around, right up there with WeeSchool. I downloaded it at a time when Wallace seemed fussier than usual in the first month or two, and I felt so validated! He was going through a leap!

Turns out he’s going through another now, and will be for another 14 days. (Imagine a sobbing emoji here.)


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