This week’s guest is someone I’ve been following online for YEARS. You probably know who Asha Dornfest is because Parent Hacks is a must-read for basically everyone. I’m super excited to have Ahsa on the show and I know you’re going to love the advice she shares here.

There are so many things I wish I had known when I was pregnant for the first time… or giving birth for the first time, so if you know someone who is in the thick of new parenthood, I hope you’ll share this episode with them.

Parent Hacks started off as a blog, evolved into a community, and is now a book (which makes an awesome shower gift for a few reasons that Asha mentions) which you can find almost anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Next week we have something a little different happening for the Playgroup… keep reading!

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on and shared our big announcement video. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can find it right here.

We’ve had lots of questions, so I’ll be going live on the Happy Loud Life Facebook page on Tuesday at 10:30 am CST to share some of the answers that I do have! Click here to get a reminder about the live video on May 9.


Have you ever marked your child’s growth on a doorframe… and then had to move? It’s a bit heartbreaking. It’s like leaving a piece of their childhood behind. This week I’m excited to share a giveaway from White Loft, a fantastic company who has created heirloom quality pieces to help you carry that nostalgia with you to each new home, or share with family members.


We’re giving away two of their canvas growth charts so that you can start your own new traditions! (Plus, they look incredible in pictures. You’re going to LOVE them!)

Enter to win below, or take advantage of a 15% discount for all our readers with the code RABIES15 from now until May 15, 2017.

White Loft Giveaway

We’ll announce a winners next Tuesday! Thanks for watching!

White Loft Growth Charts

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  • He demands cuddle time. Always has. It's inconvenient some days, but he's not about to let himself get lost in the shuffle. I'm glad he reminds me to slow down. #loloyolo
  • Sweet big baby 💙
  • Arlo chose Kendall when he was just 8 weeks old. They have a special bond. Looking forward to reuniting them after our RV trip around the country. Until then, Arlo is going to an amazing foster family who has promised to send us lots of pictures and updates.
  • Those eyes 😍
  • Meanwhile, this one turns 4 in 5 days. 😭😭😭 #timeisanasshole
  • A little sad he's almost too big for the @dockatot Deluxe+ and toy bar. Can you believe he's 7 months old now? 😫😭👋🏻 #dockatot
  • He always comes home in the middle of nap time and climbs in bed with us.
  • I always keep teething oil in my bag these days. He has FOUR top teeth trying to come through. 😫I try not to stick dirty fingers in his mouth, especially right after I pump gas. 🤢So I also keep some @handzies soap and water wipes with me. #inmypurse
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