One of the first things I bought when we were preparing to have our first baby 9 years ago was Burt’s Bees Baby® Nourishing Lotion and their shampoo & body wash. I remember smoothing the lotion onto Kendall when he was just a day old after I asked my mom to bring it up to the hospital. His newborn skin was beginning to flake, and I rubbed it on his little legs – that weren’t even chubby yet!

BAM! Instantly in love with the smell, and associating that smell with the feeling of a sweet baby in my arms.

So in love am I with all things Burt’s Bees Baby® that when they asked me to write a post for their blog about their products for baby’s first summer, I was positively giddy.

I hope you’ll head on over and read all about some of their products we’re totally in love with, and check out the super cute pictures of Wallace!

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