Work Smarter, Not Harder- This Service Will Design Photo Books For You!

I have pictures of my mom with my kids, starting from the minute my oldest was born. Well, okay… a few minutes after he was born, as she looked over him in his Isolette.


The post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Make this Mother’s Day with a personalized gift that says it all.

It is not lost on me how fortunate we are to have her there for so many big and little life events, and I am also super lucky to have so many great pictures of her with the kids. But, despite how much I treasure them, I hardly have any printed.

Getting pictures off of my phone and computer and into the real world in some tangible form is always a struggle. I get so overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do with them! I don’t have the space to put all of them in frames, and photo books? I do NOT have the time these days!

She’s always saying (or commenting on my Facebook) “I want this one printed!” And I’m always making a mental note, “Hey, just print these pictures for her and your Mother’s Day gift is complete!” But then life happens, and I don’t have the time to curate all the pictures and organize them. I have this problem where if I think I can’t do something perfectly, I just don’t do it at all.

What if someone ELSE could do it perfectly for me, though? And what if it wasn’t hard to get the pictures to them, and they did all the organizing and designing? That’s EXACTLY what Shutterfly’s Make My Book Service does, and that’s exactly what they did for me.


Y’all, look at this lovely photo book of nothing but pictures of my mom with my kids!

It’s a real, paper book with real pages that don’t live on the internet! It’s that one thing I’ve wanted to do for her for so long, and it took me 15 minutes.


You read that right. FIFTEEN. MINUTES. I uploaded the pictures from Facebook and my computer, then quickly made sure they were in chronological order. I picked a theme for the book and sent a little note that I wanted the pictures to remain in chronological order and events grouped together.


Then a real person and professional designer took it from there. They chose the layouts and added the pictures, adding design elements throughout, too. Within a couple days, I had a draft ready to approve. I did go in and make a couple quick changes, rearranging a few pictures, but it only took a few minutes until I was 100% happy and clicked the purchase button.


The Make My Book Service is only $9.99 (plus the cost of the book), and you only pay it if/when you decide to order the book. There isn’t any cost to get started and see what they design for you. And while you’re on Shutterfly, you can check out all the other great, personalized stuff they have for mom.


I always thought I’d be the scrapbooking kind of mom, but it turns out I’m the Shutterfly Make My Book Service kind of mom. (Have you seen that Pinterest/Amazon Prime mom meme? So funny.)

I love that the end product is exactly what I’d get if I spent hours creating a personalized gift for my mom, just without the hours spent. Of course, my mom never misses a blog post, and it’s not quite Mother’s Day yet, so obviously SPOILER ALERT, MOM. Love you. See you soon. Hope you enjoy your book! (We’ll have more surprises for you.)

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks it’s about time we can pay someone else to design photo books for us! Work smarter, not harder, friends.

  • Cristina - Wow what a great service!

    Was Kendall a really big baby, or maybe your lovely mom is very small? If she is my size then Kendall looks like an 11-pounder in that first sweet photo!

    What a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.ReplyCancel

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