As Wallace’s personality blossoms, his chubby cheeks fill out, his hairline shows itself, and his smile comes quicker than ever, we are getting to see him. There he is! There’s Wallace.



But depending on the day or the light or the angle, there’s Leyna, and there’s Lowell, and there’s Kendall, too. He’s all of them.


It’s funny because I think when he was born, he looked most like Leyna, and then the similarities shifted to Lowell. But now, I look at pictures of Kendall at this age, and they seem nearly identical.

Remember Kendall? The one I hardly write about or share pictures of anymore? The whole reason why I started this blog in the first place?

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That kid is going to be 9 in May, and it is affecting me in a way no milestone or birthday of his ever has. NINE is a big deal. NINE is halfway out the door. This is a whole other blog post for another day. Honestly, it’s a blog post I’ll probably write and not publish because he’s nearly nine, and these are no longer my stories to tell to the world. Parenting a nearly 9-year-old is so much harder than parenting a baby, you guys, and I can’t blog about it.

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Anyway, all of that is to say my heart is aching over the passing of time and missing that sweet little baby face of his. But, one of the many things Wallace has gifted us is the chance to see that face again. To see each one of his siblings, but especially Kendall, through his chubby cheeks and his smiling eyes.


I look at him, and I think, “Oh! There you are! You’re here… you’re back.” It’s new and old all at once.


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